08/14/2012 03:01 pm ET Updated Oct 14, 2012

Romney to Claim Credit for 'Saving' London Olympics

Sources within the Mitt Romney campaign say the candidate is preparing a series of TV spots that will use the 2012 Olympic games as proof that his mere presence in a given location is enough to transform failure into success.

An aide with indirect knowledge of the new ads says, "The message is that London was a mess, which we all know. Total chaos, lack of leadership, the whole thing turning into a boondoggle.

"Then Governor Romney arrived, made a few suggestions, took the heat for his honesty and intelligence, just like when he wrote the op-ed newspaper column that rescued General Motors, and the results of his visit are now obvious -- total success and world acclaim for the Games."

Other Romney strategists say the London turnaround is an opportunity to think about both candidates in more general terms and not get bogged down in statistics and specifics.

"It's all about just being there," one insider said. "People need to know that wherever the governor goes, good things begin to happen. When Barack Obama travels anywhere, there are huge traffic jams and people's lives end up being totally disrupted."

The tagline for the new TV ads will be, "Mitt Romney -- he saved the Olympics in one visit. Imagine what he'll do with four years in the Oval Office!"