12/20/2010 03:15 pm ET Updated May 25, 2011

Festive Season via #FriFotos

Social media has made arm chair travel a lot more interactive. The travel community has been quick to embrace social media and is searching for ways to make the travel experience more interactive, even for those of us stuck behind our computers. One of those ways is #FriFotos.

Less than two months ago Jonathan Epstein, owner of Celebrated Experiences -- a company focusing on personalizing experiences in the UK and Ireland -- started a weekly photo forum on twitter for people to share their images on a unique topic or theme. Launched October 15th, #FriFotos has since gone global. If it's Friday wherever you are, you can participate by uploading a photo via twitter and adding the #FriFotos hashtag. Follow @EpsteinTravels on for details and this week's theme.

Participants include travel writers, photographers, bloggers, hotels, and people with amazing photographs to share. Check out this week's theme, "Festive Season" around the globe as seen through the eyes of #FriFotos:

Do you have a photo of Festive Season somewhere interesting? Please add it to the slideshow below:

Festive Season via #FriFotos