11/23/2012 02:58 pm ET Updated Jan 23, 2013

10 Reasons I Love One Direction

One Direction may be considered a typical "boy band," but I believe they are different from anything the music industry has ever seen before. Here are ten reasons why they are unique.

1. They make girls all around the world feel beautiful and wanted. In their #1 hit single, "What Makes You Beautiful," the lyrics they sing can make any girl feel beautiful. For three minutes and twenty-seven seconds anyone -- old, young, tall, short, skinny, heavy, British or American -- can feel absolutely gorgeous.

2. They sound just as good in concert as they do on the album. This proves that the boys have true talent. It also shows that they have a true dedication to music, because they are always trying to find ways to improve their songs and voices.

3. Their rise to stardom is a very inspiring story that touches the hearts of millions. Anyone who has ever dreamed of making it big is able to relate to the boys. Harry, Liam, Louis, Niall, and Zayn started off with big hopes and dreams. When separately auditioning for the British "X Factor," they had no idea that within two years they would be one of the biggest bands in the world. Their story teaches anyone out there who has big dreams to never give up, work hard, and reach for the stars!

4. They are European!! Zayn, Louis, Harry and Liam being from England and Niall being from Ireland is a huge turn on for a lot of American girls. Fans love to hear them talk and they also love when they are able to hear their accents in the songs.

5. They make everyone around them smile. One Direction has an effect on everyone who listens to them. There music makes everyone smile, laugh, giggle, chuckle, smirk, blush, and flat out fall in love with them. Also they have very bubbly and outgoing personalities. It's hard not to like them!

6. They are very fashionable! One Direction has a fabulous fashion sense. Each boy has his own distinct style, but all the styles work and compliment each other. For example, Louis is known for wearing striped shirts, colored jeans, and suspenders, and Niall is known for wearing a red polo and khakis. Now, even girls are starting to wear the same clothes as them! Fans will wear a striped tank top and bright colored skinny jeans. As you can see, anyone can dress like One Direction!

7. They are the kings of social media. They have millions of followers on Instagram and even more on Facebook and Twitter. They thank social media for a lot of their stardom; without Facebook and Twitter a lot of fans would have never known about them (especially American fans).

8. They are all best friends! Liam, Louis, Niall, Harry and Zayn are all best buds. In a recent interview at the Today Show in New York, the boys were asked if they ever got sick of each other. Their reply was that they couldn't remember the last time they had an argument and that they always get along because they were a band of brothers. They always make each other laugh and that is another reason people love them. They are always having fun and they love what they do.

9. They care for and love their fans. One Direction is always trying to find ways to go out and meet their fans because they know they wouldn't be any where without them. The boys also always dedicate their awards to their fans. Recently at the EMAs (Europe Music Awards) One Direction won "The Best Fans" award. Their fans are very dedicated to them, and One Direction appreciates all of them.

10. They are normal teenagers at heart. Although most teenagers haven't traveled the world on an international tour, won three VMA's, or have had millions of girls from all over the world come out just to see them perform, they are truly just five normal teenagers that have been given an amazing opportunity. They are just like all of their fans: they can't dance, they have bad hair days, they stuff their faces with McDonald's, they sing in the shower (I mean they are probably better than most of us, but they still do it), they laugh, they cry and most importantly, they have dreams like every single one of us!