07/06/2010 05:12 am ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

Sustainability and Swedish Fashion: A New Website and a New Exhibit

The first time I blogged about sustainability and fashion for this site, I was writing from Sweden. That trip - just four days of reporting in Stockholm - was the first step in a journey to define sustainable style, a subject cloaked in mystery. For the last few weeks, I've continued the search for sustainability I began in Stockholm, enlisting the help of fashion designers, physicists, factory managers and farmers. The most surreal moment might have been when I found myself nervously eating gummy candy on the couch at H&M's headquarters, after I blogged about their alleged transgressions earlier this year.

I've opened my virtual notebook (full of video, audio and even writing) from these last few weeks at a new website, Sweden.Closettour, and you can learn about the clothes and many of the characters who appear on the site at EcoChic, a new exhibit at New York's Scandinavia House. (Coincidence? See the About page.)

I met many wise people along the way, all of whom had excellent insights. But I think the truest one came from Mathilda Tham, a brainy beauty who teaches design in Stockholm and London.

"You can't be sustainable or holistic on your own," she said, at the end of our meeting in March. "You've got to do it with other people."

To that end, I hope you'll spend some time on the site and leave your comments, either here or on Closettour. I'll do my best to integrate them into my next chapter, in hopes this is a conversation we can sustain for a long time to come.