10/17/2012 03:17 pm ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

Following Intuitive Voices

I suspect that you have had a moment or two when you felt a voice tell you something, but couldn't explain who or why. I also feel you probably discounted that voice, maybe ignored it. Perhaps even thought it was crazy.

I define an intuitive voice as a message which is inspired. Not ego-driven. Not dangerous. The voice believes in me and you, beyond worldly confidence and fears. Oftentimes I hear it in the early morning, or occasionally during a quiet moment during the day.

A few years ago, I took the risk and allowed my intuitive voice to shape who I am becoming. Somehow I thought following inspiration would lessen the pain of living or even how many mistakes I make, but that didn't happen.

What did happen were a few extraordinary things.

I moved back to California with my family.

I rediscovered my love of photography.

I now believe that we are born with a natural intuitive connection to our world. When we could not explain the messages, we turned it off. I want to tell you to turn it back on and TURN UP THE VOLUME.

To follow my intuitive voices, I have a check list. For example, my intuition told me to help a friend fulfill her dream of writing a book called Contained Beauty.


1. Ego Check. Her name would be on the cover, not mine. My work would be in the background and highlight photography.

2. Benefit Our Community. In this case, the net proceeds of the book are being donated to a charity, George Mark Children's House.

3. Sharing & Healing. Encouraging my friend to share her story has allowed others to heal.

4. Inspire. The book has more than 100 images from 30 photographers. The visual journey takes the reader around the world through stunning photographs. Art is good for our soul.

5. Honor. Everyone who contributed to the book was honored. I believe manners still mean something, especially saying thank you.

Another way to see intuitive voices is a love language. Dr. Gary Chapman beautifully defined five love languages. I believe we should add a sixth one. Intuition.

An intuitive listener quiets the outside world and listens with her heart. It is less about being right or wrong, and more about honoring a path. But, there still is uncertainty and work to be done.

For me, it took at least six people to tell me that photography was my path forward, to allow it to fill my life. Photography could expand my world. I could hear my intuitive voice telling me the same thing, yet still needed encouragement.

I often wonder who my intuitive voice is. I believe that love is limitless, beyond life and death. Could it be my mother (who died in 2001) still telling me 'you were given gifts to share'? I'd like to think so.

I turned 50 this year. I have chosen to let the wisdom of those who I have loved and lost live in me. I am working to allow it to shape me. Some days it seems to be my new place of crazy, other days I feel strongly as to how I can heal and challenge myself and help those who want to follow their intuitive path.

I have more stories to share and more stories to hear. I call it Life in Motion (the title itself woke me up early one morning). I hope this article is encouraging to you and that we will be in touch.