07/18/2008 05:12 am ET Updated May 25, 2011

HuffPost Citizen-Tank: What's Your Ideal Administration?

Introducing "Here's My Take", a new feature of HuffPost"s OffTheBus. "Here's My Take" gives you an opportunity to present your view, opinion, or choice in a way that commenting or op-eds don't permit. It's a new format! And a new way for you to engage others in the HuffPost community. We'll publish peoples' submissions on HuffPost's OffTheBus as part of the "Here's My Take" feature. Think of it as a citizen think-tank, a series of discussions, each one focused on a single issue or scenario. This idea came to me after editing op-eds for OffTheBus and moderating comments for HuffPost. Got ideas for ways to make it better? I'm open to them - email me at Don't have time, but want to participate later? Join OffTheBus.


QUESTION: How would you design the incoming administration? Pick your presidential candidate, and then outline your dream cabinet?

You don't have to nail down every position, but pick at least five from the list -- Secretary of Agriculture, Secretary of the Interior, Secretary of Commerce, Secretary of Justice, Secretary of Defense, Secretary of Labor, Secretary of Education, Secretary of State, Secretary of Energy, Secretary of Transportation, Secretary of Health & Human Services, Secretary of the Treasury, Secretary of Homeland Security, Secretary of Veterans Affairs, and Secretary of Housing & Urban Development. Here's President George Bush's cabinet, in case you'd like an example.

To help you out, I've got my take below! We're looking for responses similarly formatted - identify your pick, and then explain why in 2-3 sentences. Be reasoned and clear.

SUBMIT YOUR ANSWER: Send your entry to and put "Here's my take" in the subject line. Include your name, a quick bio, and, if you've got it, a headshot.

DEADLINE: Midnight Friday, July 18

DISCUSS: OffTheBus"s op-ed editors will format and publish your submissions, as well as a quick post on the most popular and interesting picks sent in. Everyone who participated will be notified when the feature goes up.


Here's My Take -- Jennifer Bogut :

President: I am supporting Barack Obama. I did not start out with Barack; I was originally a Richardson girl and I still believe he is the best-qualified candidate from either side. When Bill left the race, I flipped to John Edwards and when he withdrew, I flopped over to Obama.

Vice President: In Wes Clark we have the military experience that our opponents will target, while retaining the pro-choice platform, also...our officer would out rank their, fun. Wes also was one of the most vocal Clinton surrogates; I understand the impact Hillary had and I struggle with a desire to see a woman on the ticket, my heart would soar, but I simply think that is a tad too much change at once for a substantial segment of the American people. Call me what you will, I prefer "realist".

Secretary of State: Bill Richardson; his experience is practically an application for the position. In addition to cabinet experience in the Department of Energy, Governor Richardson has negotiated with the "Who's Who" of international leaders: Saddam Hussein, North Korean generals, Burmese military leaders, Sudanese President al-Bashir and Fidel Castro -- to name a few.

Secretary of Defense: For this position, I throw the net for the first time to snag me a Republican! I think that Senator Chuck Hagel would be an excellent Secretary of Defense. In addition to his stance against Iraq, he has served in the Veterans Affairs administration and served honorably beside his brother in Viet Nam.

Attorney General: Is there another choice? John Edwards!!! The thought of unleashing this legal pit-bull on some of the problems, and problem-makers, we face sends a thrill right through me.

Secretary Homeland Security: I think putting Senator Joe Biden here would affect change and tighten the ship perfectly. There is no guessing where Joe stands on anything, which is refreshing.

Secretary of Energy: I threw out my net again and caught something prime here -- Arnold Schwarzenegger. California is at the bleeding edge of alternative energy research as well as resource conservation.

Here are a few non-cabinet level positions --

Supreme Court: Hillary Clinton appointed as Chief Justice.

Ambassador to the U.N.: Bill Clinton, assuming that he would be interested, I believe his qualifications are evident. If Bill isn't interested, I would tap Al Gore.

Head of the NSA: My last net casting brought me Mr. Richard Clarke....okay...mostly because I love the irony.

So.... what's your take? Who do you want in the next administration? Draw up your selection, and send it to "campaigntrail AT" Make sure to include your full name, bio, and headshot.