09/29/2015 12:40 pm ET Updated Sep 29, 2016

The Gift My Child Gave to Me

Magic lends a childlike air, a curiosity as it illuminates the unknown. As children, the unknown ignites us, drawing us closer to the flame. Asking questions, we fulfill a thirst, acquiring boundless knowledge. We dare to peek around the corner, eager for continued discovery. Welcoming Magic into the moments of experience, we celebrate our "ah-ha" epiphanies. Thresholds in tolerance grow as we learn how to communicate our need for rest and rejuvenation. With children as our mentors, their teachings lend a playful balance between learning the ropes of life and celebrating wonder.

Openness to Receive
Magic begins with the openness to receive, allowing yourself to believe that magic exists for you. In believing, Magic is gracefully evoked because after all, anything can happen. There are no perceived boxes of stingy contingencies lending attachment to outcome, only openness. Magic, with its full capacity of wonder and curiosity, provokes a degree of play. With intention to staying open to what is around the corner, you simultaneously choose to let go. Surrendering ego practicalities in controlling your "how tos," you engage an openness to receiving all that is in service for your best and highest good. You welcome experiencing at a level far greater then your controls of ego could ever bring to you. Children so beautifully demonstrate for us persistence in quest, to push into and acquire our desires. When leaving Self open to fruition of endless possibilities, you evoke childlike wonder and play that is you. The curiosity of what the experience beholds is a high, offering to carry you through the unknown. None of which is tangible in its accumulation of productivity hash marks, rather a peaceful, joy-filled way of existing. Summon Magic by gently releasing the reigns of disbelief. Magic has a place within you, because it already exists. Choose to disconnect from the intention of being open to receive, and you choose a prophecy of self-induced suffering. Choose staying open to the wonder that already is, and you choose liberation.

Welcome the Unknown
As babes, we melted into discovery of the unknown with excitement for what's next to come. Our curiosity in quest for discovery began with our bodies in space, connecting identification of our extremities as our own. We welcomed the unknown as it further connected us to our physical reality, releasing into the unpredictability of outcome. Marked by our persistence, we constantly pushed into new domains of growth and development. Control released by an innate understanding of the limitation it possesses. Intending a dream to come into fruition, It is not by accident that you have met the right person at the right time. We are gently guided, ever so subtly into the synchronicities of meetings and experiences, aligning us in accordance to our hearts desires. In these moments of coincidence, Magic is afoot, however, we often dub it as luck. To welcome the unknown, is gifting ourselves the space in time to co-create with the presence of play. Our surrender into the unknown becomes a gateway of profound inspiration, a sure sign that we are aligned with intention. Balance is kept by choosing to work with the grain, exchanging work into play. Work exemplifies a "have to" struggle, while play, brings forth the openness of mind. Play provokes our imagination, consequently linking us into something. Keep curiosity alive by allowing yourself to dare in peeking around the corner, discovering voids while leaving fears and tendencies of control at bay. Grant Self permission to get intimately curious of the unknown, because anything is possible.

Growth is the Intention
We come into this life with an intention of growth, learning and experiencing, all in accordance with our unique curriculum. Attracting all in support of our evolution, sure to include opportunities of perceived challenges. Our eagerness to explore through experimentation was infectious, germinating an abundance of opportunities. Opportunities we accepted in their continual testing of courage, perseverance, strength of will, all while interlaced with curiosity for what life can offer. The future and past barely crested as a factor as moments, boldly outlined maximum gain. We are remained present in what our attending need and desire is in the Now. Growing up yielded an enthusiasm for life. This intention for growing never fades, rather our willingness to trust in Magic dissipates. Turning away from ourselves, misbeliefs and judgments are quick to push against our discovery of wonder. As we now lean into a phase uniquely defined by "what we do," perhaps we can rediscover Magic by growing in? Growing in, is our next discovery around the corner, proving that Magic in fact never left.

We possess a direct knowing that a happy heart is the tonic for life. Growing becomes an external pursuit of happiness, marked by a daunting pull of never enough, do more, work more, be something different. We have learned to judge ourselves, our experiences, in categories as good or bad, necessary or unnecessary, inadequate or marketable. But, who are we to do so? The truth is, peace already resides within us, unlimited and uncapped, waiting for us to remember its existence. The gift from children is in remembering that we are the child full of wonder, curiosity and enthusiasm for life. Growing in is a commitment to remembering the very place inside of you that is waiting to play in the face of Magic.

Invoke Magic and expect miracles, because anything is possible.


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