11/25/2014 03:08 pm ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

A Sexual Dry Spell

Jennifer Cullen


Sometimes, my husband and I hit a sexual dry spell. Meaning that days, and, occasionally, weeks go by without us having sex.

It doesn't mean that anything is wrong with our relationship. It usually just means that he's been working late or that the kids have been around a lot or that I'm caught up in my own little world of writing and deadlines.

We both take matters in to our own hands when we need to. After all, he's a guy. And I can't go too many days without having an orgasm. It makes me feel squirrelly. And like running, it provides a release of endorphins which allows me to go about my day feeling more relaxed and happier.

But masturbating is different than having sex with my husband. So, when too much time goes by, the vibe just feels weird. Like a part of our relationship is missing. One of the most important parts. The physical intimacy.

Strangely, though we talk about most everything, we never talk about the lack of sex. We both know how much time has gone by. It's just kind of understood that, oh yeah, we need to get on this. And on each other.

When it gets to that point, we make our coupling a priority. Even schedule it in if we have to.

And all is right with the world again. At least my little world.

Because the sex part and the physical intimacy part is what makes my relationship with him different than all of the other close relationships I have with my friends and family. He's the only one I share that part of myself with and vice-versa. And I know the importance of nurturing that. Because if we don't have the sex part of our relationship, then we're just roommates.

And where's the fun in that?

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