10/07/2013 02:30 pm ET Updated Jan 23, 2014

Water and Blood Work

It's time for a quickie! No, not that kind! Just a quick little blog with some helpful info that I've learned along the way to help make getting blood work easier. This info is helpful for anyone who needs blood work but especially those of us who go through cancer treatments and get pricked more a drunk spring breaker! Sorry, I couldn't help myself. Didn't you know that inappropriate humor is a side effect of chemo? Okay, it's not.

Say it with me, water is my friend. Fellow coffee drinkers, that doesn't include the water in your favorite cup of Joe. Do yourself a favor and hydrate with water before going for blood work or treatment (unless you've been told not to eat or drink before). Your veins will thank you for it. And with the huge chemo needles (or any needle for that matter) no one likes to hear "I have to try another spot, I can't find your vein." Ouch!

Prior to the six months of chemo that I went through my veins were always easy to find. They stood out proudly like, "Here I am, pick me! pick me!" Post chemo they have to send out a search and rescue team as my veins are now all needle phobic. I picture them animated and pushing each other like, "You go," "No you go, I don't know what's in that needle!"

I didn't have a port while going through treatment and the first couple of times I went my veins were okay. It didn't take long though before they would have to soak my arms in warm water as soon as I got there to coax them out of hiding. This is when I learned that it's important to be well hydrated since that helps with not only finding your veins but also with blood flow.

So do yourself, the nurses and your poor little veins a favor and drink up! Water, that is.