08/09/2011 05:19 pm ET Updated Oct 09, 2011

The Marriage Equality Act

On Friday, Aug. 5, John and I were at the New York City courthouse applying for our marriage license. What could have been just another item on our wedding to-do list became something far greater, as we witnessed men and women gathered together in celebration of their unions.

Weddings are always special. But what made this particular day truly magical was to whom those men and women were getting married.

In late June, the state of New York passed the Marriage Equality Act, a law allowing same-sex couples to marry beginning in late July. And although John and I do not fall into that category, there is something very special and satisfying to know that we're coming together at such a momentous time in history.

We were chatting about this on our walk in Central Park yesterday morning when we noticed two women making their way toward the lake. A few more steps confirmed that that we'd seen them before... directly in front of us in the line for marriage licenses. I had been watching them that day, admiring the way they passed cameras, passports and credit cards between them in a silent synchronicity that only comes from years of being together.

We caught up with them and introduced ourselves. After a laugh about the smallness of the world, we were given the wonderful news that their wedding was in fact that night. Their serene courthouse expressions had been replaced with two of the most beautiful, beaming smiles I've ever seen. I am getting choked up again just remembering the beauty and grace, the peace, on their faces.

After saying goodbye, John and I rounded the corner to see where we will be getting married in September. And we paused for a moment, knowing how much more special that wonderful day will be now that all people in love and committed to living a life together may legally do so.