12/18/2012 01:17 pm ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

DIY Holiday Fruit Decorations


Anything that comes from nature is inherently elegant, and fruit is no exception. Lucky for us, it's also an inexpensive tool to use when decorating for the holidays. It's also child-friendly (as you'll see with my dried citrus ornaments) and kind on the earth.

Here are a few ways I like to use fruit to decorate my home over the holiday season:

Sugared Fruit Centerpiece
This Victorian-inspired centerpiece makes any table look grand and elegant and is so easy to make. Pick a variety of seasonal fruit. You can sugar anything from pineapples and pomegranates to lemons and limes. Brush egg whites all over the fruit and dust with superfine sugar. Allow the fruit to dry on aluminum foil for a half hour and then artfully arrange on a tiered cake stand. It is also nice to sugar glaze greenery to mix amongst the fruit. I like to use rosemary for its heady aromatic scent.

Casual Fruit Centerpiece
If you would like a less ornate holiday centerpiece, try displaying an entire bowl of pomegranates in a white-footed bowl for a festive, yet low key look. Alternately, you could also arrange clementines, cranberries and holly on a tiered cake stand. These casual centerpieces look great on the kitchen table.

Dried Citrus Ornaments
Dry citrus fruit in your oven to create an abundance of chic, natural Christmas tree ornaments. Choose which citrus fruits you'd like to dry. (I find oranges and grapefruit work the best.) Thinly slice the citrus fruit and lay them on a baking sheet lined with parchment paper. Cook in a low oven at 220°F for six hours. While drying, the fruit will fill your home with the most amazing scent. Once dry, string the fruit with raffia, twine or hemp string and hang on your tree. When hung in front of Christmas tree lights, the fruit produces a stained glass effect, which is really lovely.

Gift Ornaments
Use dried fruit when wrapping gifts. I like to wrap my packages in brown paper, tie them with raffia and attach a dried orange or lemon along with some lavender.

Cranberry Hurricanes
Take your everyday hurricane candle holders and place fresh cranberries, dried oranges and rosemary at the base of the candle for a simple and fragrant holiday update.