03/26/2013 03:14 pm ET Updated May 26, 2013

Get Your Spring Wardrobe Ready

Do you get your wardrobe ready before the beginning of each season? Most people don't. Most people have lots and lots of clothes in their closets -- all seasons; all occasions; all stored together. This creates great sartorial confusion.

We tend to prepare our homes before each season. We spring clean and get our porches and back yards ready for spring and summer. We break out the holiday decorations and warm throw blankets for fall and winter. We should take the same approach to our wardrobes.

As you go into this spring, prepare your wardrobe by storing away any out-of-season clothing. You won't need your ski jacket or that heavy sweater dress. You won't need your thick scarves, winter coats and warm gloves. These can all be put away until next winter. Instead get your capsule wardrobe ready for spring. I employ a wardrobe of around 10 core items. These core items include dresses, jeans, pants, skirts and blouses. I also have extras like t-shirts, special occasion dresses, outerwear and cardigans. For spring/summer, I like to have a few extra sweaters on hand in case the weather is fickle (which it often is).

This is the perfect time to asses what you'd like to get rid of in your closet. Are some of your clothes looking a little shabby from last year? Are there any gaps that need filling? For example, my white jeans have seen two full spring/ summer seasons and are a bit worse for wear. They will be replaced with a new pair this year.

Now that you have a small list of items from your wardrobe that need updating, you will keep an eye out for these very things the next time you shop. And when you find the perfect addition it will feel like winning a scavenger hunt -- the satisfaction will be palpable.

Think about what color palate you'd like to dress in this season. Turquoise, white, lavender, melon -- what colors will make you feel happy this spring? Keep these colors in mind as you update your wardrobe. This will ensure that all of your clothes will pair beautifully together. Your wardrobe will tell a story.

Let's shed the thick winter skin of heavy cold weather garments in our closets and prepare our wardrobes for the lightness of spring. Your look will be effortless and getting ready in the morning will be a spring breeze.