03/14/2013 01:22 pm ET Updated May 14, 2013

Midwinter Gala Grooms the Ice

The ice appeared twice as nice at the Fine Arts Museum's Mid-Winter Gala, where diamonds as big as skating rinks had to contend with the real thing. The madcap artistry of Ken Fulk inserted itself into the de Young Museum for a white-hot evening of merriment for the Junior Committee, (which may have to change its name in a few.) Guests spilled out of their SUVs and Ubers into a Little Dutch Boy's snowy and showy space, complete with quaintly dressed skaters on a real rink and a windmill meant to evoke the current "Dutch Paintings from the Maritshuis" show on view during the fleeting cocktail hour, but the vast majority of the little Dutch boys and girls decided to admire the ultraglamorous show of gowns, gams and gems assembled in Fulk's wintry Almost Amsterdam. The soigne set had saved their best lithe looks for the tenth iteration of this invitation-only party which raises a substantial sum for the Fine Arts Museums. Firmly rooted in the fail-safe drinks-dinner-dancing tradition, this is a party to party; the hardest part is waiting to see if you are going to receive an invitation, and then sitting down to write a rather robust check for the privilege. After that, it's smooth skating all the way through.

Fulk's Delft details kept the evening gliding along. A tall table constructed entirely of ice was dispensing vodka shots and copious caviar. At the bar, tennis-ball sized globes of ice were waiting to maintain the perfect martini temperature; the extra-large lowball glasses to hold them turned out to be the accessory of the evening, a portable crystal ball that foreshadowed a vodka-veiled future. For dinner, Wilsey Court was decorated in hues of smoky grey and blue and hung with draperies depicting snowy Low-Country landscapes. Tables were adorned with darkly imagined memento mori of skulls, pewter plates, and ghostly gewgaws. The particularly delectable dinner by McCall Associates maintained the motif, with white asparagus and truffles to begin, pork tenderloin with apples, onions and potatoes to continue, and individual ramekins of baked berry frangipane to cushion the substantial blow of Perrier-Jouet champagne and Hafner Vineyards vintages. Appreciative and abbreviated remarks by Honorary Chair Trevor Traina were followed by a short-and-sweet auction of truly tempting items; in a trice, the lifetime ski pass for Vail Resorts,'s Gary Danko dinner, and a Night at the Museum were bid up and out. And then it was time to jump on the dance floor, no ropes required, but definitely double Dutch. The Junior Committee may have made it past the playground, but when it comes to hosting a winter wonderland of a party, their parties are definitely too cool for school.

Mid Winter Gala

On not-so-thin ice: Honorary Chairs Vanessa Getty and Trevor Traina, Junior Committee Chairs Kathryn Lasater and Allison Speer, Event Sponsors Jeana Toney and Boris Putanec, Jacqueline and David Sacks, Katie and Todd Traina, a ravishing Alexis Traina ready for her Vermeer moment, Kate Harbin and Adam Clammer, she in a fetching frock by Andrew Gn, Richard Fullerton and Elizabeth Pang Fullerton in radiant red, Jessica and Jason Moment, Louise and Max Armour, a white-hot Claudia Castillo Ross, Jenna and Bryan Hunt, Jennifer and Doug Biederbeck, the chic crew from Chanel, Erin Glenn, Justin Fichelson, Helene de Baubigny and John Golob, Jonathan Moscone and Leslie Thieriot, Damion Matthews and Joel Goodrich, David and Mary Beth Shimmon, Stephanie Tuttle, a picture-perfect Lisa Podos and Michael Wais, Stephen Tyler, Anna and Mason Morfit, Becca Prowda and Daniel Lurie, Jeremy Stoppelman, Evgenia Peretz in from New York, Cameron Phleger, Laney Thorton and the luscious Pasha Thornton awash in Art Deco emeralds, Max Boyer Glynn and David Glynn, Lisa Sardegna and David Carrillo, Riccardo Benavides, Carol and Shelby Bonnie, Kathryn and William Freeman, Lawanna Endonino and Scott Heldfond, a smart and serene Carolyn Chang, Laurie Hinkle and Joseph Lucier, Max Traina, Alexandra and Michael Downing, Beth and Oliver Jenkyn, secret style advisor Alex Chases, Renee and Roger Gold, Tracy Falconer, Holly Couden, Pamela and Scott Bohner, Yaromil and Christopher Ralph, Amy and Drew Curby, the Fine Arts Museums' Deputy Director Richard Benefield, Marissa Mayer and Zach Bogue, and a whole Committee of revelers who know that certain kinds of ice are very, very nice.

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