10/30/2016 07:44 am ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

9 Fang-tastic Halloween Dinners For Kids

It takes a lot of energy to troll the neighborhood collecting candy. Dinner should be quick, easy, and filling on Halloween night. From chicken tenders to chicken tacos, these fang-tastic recipes are easy to make and will have your eager trick-or-treaters out the door in no time.

1. Pecan Crusted Chicken Tenders with Honey Mustard Sauce


In this fun twist on chicken tenders, tenderloins are breaded in pecans and panko, and then pan-fried until crispy and golden. Since the pecans are finely chopped, even kids who think they don't like nuts will try them, ask for seconds, and even sneak thirds when you're not looking! GET THE RECIPE

2. Cocktail Meatballs


Throw away those old kitschy cocktail meatball recipes that call for grape jelly and frozen meatballs -- these are easy to make and so much better. The meatballs are baked, not fried, and the sweet and tangy sauce is ready in under 15 minutes. They're delicious over white rice and kids absolutely love them. GET THE RECIPE

3. Crispy Tilapia Fingers with Garlic Mayonnaise


If you're wondering how to get your children to eat -- or even love -- fish, try these tilapia fillets lightly coated with panko and pan fried to crispy perfection. The tangy garlic and lemon mayo is delicious (and fun) for dipping. GET THE RECIPE

4. English Muffin Pizzas


Set out all the ingredients and let the kids make these mini pizzas all by themselves. Dinner done -- and fun! GET THE RECIPE

5. Orecchiette with Sausage & Broccoli


This one-pan pasta dish is adapted from Lidia's Italian Table by Lidia Bastianich. Not only is it quick and easy to make -- 25 minutes tops -- the whole family eats it up, broccoli and all. GET THE RECIPE

6. Easy Chicken Curry


Here's a dish the whole family will love. Thinly sliced chicken breasts are quickly sautéed with curry powder, then simmered in an aromatic curry sauce thickened with Greek yogurt. Green peas and fresh cilantro add a vibrant, fresh touch. GET THE RECIPE

7. Ham & Cheese Sliders


These Southern-style ham and cheese sliders are perfect for feeding a crowd of hungry kids. Just be sure to make extra: they disappear in a flash! GET THE RECIPE

8. Chicken Tacos


Make Halloween night taco night. Loaded with veggies, these chicken tacos are a healthier spin on beef tacos -- and they're just as good, if not better. GET THE RECIPE

9. Turkey, Spinach & Cheese Meatballs


These meatballs are a favorite at my house. They're made with turkey sausage, which adds great flavor without the need for a ton of other ingredients. To make life easy, I brown the meatballs under the broiler rather than in a frying pan. That means no stovetop splatters, and you can get the rest of dinner ready while the meatballs cook. GET THE RECIPE