02/21/2013 02:35 pm ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

Easy as Pie: Apple Galette (52 New Foods)

This easy apple pie recipe is a simple French twist on a favorite sweet treat: apple galette.

I needed an easy win. After my failed attempt last week at getting my kids to try a classic French leek soup recipe, I was looking for a confidence booster in the form of something simple and deliciously tasty to get us back on track with our 52 New Foods adventure. So I went right for the comfort food and decided to make an easy apple pie, French-style. So much for no emotional eating!

It was no surprise to me that my kids were excited about trying apple galette. A perfect combination of their favorite flavors and textures - crisp apples, gooey cinnamon, and flakey, buttery pastry -- it was a new food I knew everyone would enjoy. Inspired by Martha Rose Shulman, we decided to add this French-style, easy apple pie recipe to our list of 52 New Foods. Without a doubt, this will become a regular part of the lineup at our family table!

What we Liked: Although this is a sweet treat, this easy apple pie recipe has a minimum of sugar. Like Martha says, "It's all about the apples!" That's what we loved.

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