04/21/2014 10:46 am ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

5 Things I Want for the World (and for Women)

Kathrin Ziegler via Getty Images

1. Guys respecting women
Let me start by saying that I'm not a man hater. I have an awesome husband and even my young sons understand the concept of respect. My Dad taught me how men are supposed to treat woman by how wonderfully he treated my Mom. He still respects her opinion above all others. With the Internet, it's easy for a guy to make a comment and not be held accountable for his behavior. It's time to knock this off, dudes. Seriously, we don't like it. It's not cool. Being a nice, confident, honorable guy is sexy.

2. Women cheering other women on
...rather than comparing ourselves to one another, because life is not competition. There is no trophy at the end for the prettiest face, best smile, most beautiful eyes or any of that crap. There will always be someone who is thinner, who is prettier, who can bake a better cake, who can run 20 miles faster, etc. When you rock your best self and cheer other chicks on, you'll be happier. When all the ladies can stop worrying about how they measure up against other women, things can change on the planet. We can shift everything when we step into our power. C'mon, sisters of the world. We're all more than good enough. Let's just all get along and create change.

3. Loving yourself being the norm
If someone likes themselves or thinks they are attractive, they're labeled as egotistical or narcissistic. Bullsh*t. We teach our kids to love themselves when they are young, but then we hate on people who actually like themselves. It's commonplace for people to complain and point out their shortcomings. This helps others feel better about themselves momentarily, but why not own your awesomeness? Being confident about your intelligence, creativity, accomplishments or your looks is not bad. It's good. Loving yourself means your relationships all improve and you are kinder because you're happy. It raises the consciousness of the world.

4. Talking about spirituality being a taboo
We are so afraid to offend someone with our beliefs -- afraid some people won't like us if our views are different. Real friends can come from different faiths and it's OK. In today's society, if someone mentions Jesus, they're labeled as a holy-roller rather than just a Christian. Or if someone mentions God, they are a goody-two-shoes, uptight, think they are better than other people. What if we could just talk about God in a healthy way to inspire others to have a connection with a Higher Power? If someone is an atheist, but you can respectfully talk about God without shaming them, they will talk with you about it.

5. Kindness being badass
Radical concept. Just picture it. Everyone holding the door open for each other. People greeting each other with a smile as they pass on the street. You can be a huge force of good on the Internet by just not commenting when you don't like something. Don't be the bully. If the grown-ups stop bullying one another on the Internet, the kids will learn better behavior. Stop calling girls fat and guys gay on Youtube videos. Make every comment you make on the Internet something you'd be proud of your grandmother reading. Put good out there. Be more of what you want to see in the world. Complaining about how horrible people are is part of the problem, not the solution. Educate people, treat people with respect and be a good person. The world needs more of that.

Maybe you already do some of these things. If so, I applaud you. You are a rockstar of life in my opinion. Keep shining as a bright light in your world. Times are a changin' and good is on the rise. Can you feel it? Be the person you'd want to become friends with. Be the person you'd look up to. Truly, the energy you put out there is what comes back to you. I always say, if someone says people are a**holes, they will find the a**hole in every store they go to. If you are kind and helpful wherever you go, the majority of the time, you will meet similar people. You create your life through your energy. Good energy and a high vibe creates a good life. Try it, you have nothing to lose. Who doesn't want a good life? Let's start a trend.