02/24/2016 11:49 am ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

A Mother's Voice

A newborn knows that voice to be God to them, their everything, a love so connected to them that it means their existence.

As a baby grows, it knows that mom means everything will be okay. Her smile is like the sun lighting up and room and telling them that they are loved and important.

A toddler growing into school age listens to mom's voice and learns about the world. What she says becomes that child's truth and what they will speak.

As a young child, they come home from school, mom's voice can be like background noise unnoticed until raised. A mother's "no" creates a feeling of separation and powerlessness that teaches them how to be resourceful and manipulate her and essentially the world into getting their way. Still when she speaks of her love, it still floods their hearts fully.

In middle school, mom is no longer a best friend and actually become their adversary. She puts conditions on things and has expectations they wish she would not. They want to be themselves and understood, but not by her. They are trying to prove their independence and often reject everything the mother says, thinks, or believes. She is just wrong. She wants them to be their own person and have their own feelings, opinions, and life, but they can't hear it in her words.

In high school, the mother's voice can be like nails on a chalkboard and instantly they roll their eyes. Even her "I love you" doesn't need a response. They already know it. It's a given. It doesn't feel priceless because they have all the natural priorities of a teenager which are peer-related. She talks to them like normal people and yet they just want her to go away. There are times when she says the right thing and gives them what they want or comes to the rescue and her voice can even be funny and cool again, just for a fleeting second and then it's gone. They never want to let her know deep down they want her to think the world of them.

They become adults, most even become parents themselves and then her voice is like one of an angel at times when they just want to talk to their mom. They realize the depth of her love as they see their children grow and it takes their breath away. From boo-boo's to big hurts when kids struggle, they tell her sorry they were ever mean to her, knowing how much she actually gave them of her time, energy, attention and love. And that she was a real person with her own "stuff" and not just their mom. They see clearly she would have died for them every single day. That she would have carried any burden they had and walked around the Earth twice never putting it down. They know her strength didn't come with a fist or bravado, it's in her voice that speaks of an unconditional love that again gives them a glimpse of how the Divine loves them.

One day, she becomes an angel and that grown child would give anything to give a call to heaven for her just to say "I love you" one more time.

Cherish your mom. Call her. Text her. Let her know how special she is. It's time for you to fill her up now. Give her the big hugs only reserved for special occasions. Imprint her smile in your mind forever. Honor that she is one of your Earth angel. And let go of her needing to be perfect. She was a person who did the best she could. Be her friend.