02/24/2006 04:13 pm ET Updated May 25, 2011

The She-Pundit Strikes Again

The she-pundit with long blond hair gave another inflammatory speech last night, this time at Indiana University. As usual, it was filled with insults, such as calling one student "gay boy" and referring to Iraqis as "brown boys."

One comment that drew strong audience reactions came from a young man who asked her if she didn't like Democrats, wouldn't it just be better to have a dictatorship? Coulter responded with a jab at the way the student talked.

"You don't want the Republicans in power, does that mean you want a dictatorship, gay boy?" she said.

Some more Coulterisms:

She claimed liberals "hate God and hate America,"

....She said that Democrats don't want democracy to succeed in Iraq. She said, "They don't think the little brown boys could handle democracy," to which students responded, "We don't tolerate racism here. Go back to Germany."

....She did, however, say there was a need for stations such as "Air America," which she claims has only 200 listeners. "We need these liberal talk radio shows to keep the tinfoil-hat types busy while we run the country, democratize the Middle East and secure our borders," she said.

I don't think she believes a word she says. She's discovered that the money tree blossoms the more outrageous she becomes -- both for book sales and lecture fees. She's always wanted fame as well as fortune, and somewhere along the line she decided that notoriety is an acceptable substitute. It's best not to take her seriously, as she journeys down the ladder from the perch she used to think she occupied, that of "constitutional scholar," to that of national laughing-stock.

Surely she knows by now that no one is discussing her ideas, only her persona. We should treat her like the caricature she willingly has become.

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