09/24/2014 11:01 am ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

The 25 Best People's Climate March Signs


Photo: Arthur Dworin

  1. Mother Earth Can't Yell Rape
  2. Deny & Die
  3. Boobs Not Bombs [on young woman's tee-shirt]
  4. There is no Planet B
  5. I Am Full of Greenhouse Gas. Do You Have a Steak in it? [on humongous cow balloon]
  6. Stop Funding Fossils
  7. Windmills Not Weapons
  8. Hey, Obama. We don't Want No Climate Drama.
  9. I'm from Missouri; Show Me
  10. Binding Global Climate Treaty or Bust
  11. Tax Carbon
  12. Impeach + pic of Obama with Hitler mustache [carried by 2 tall African-American men]
  13. Clear Today; Gone Tomorrow
  14. Mama Says Go Clean Your Planet
  15. Cook Organic, Not the Planet
  16. 350 PPM
  17. Amnesty International: Climate Justice is a Human Right
  18. Oil is Over
  19. Global Warming: History's Greatest Genocide
  20. People's Need Not People's Greed
  21. Planet Earth is Blue & There's Something You Can Do
  22. We Will Not Be Silent
  23. Children for Climate Justice
  24. Stop Wars for Oil
  25. Slow Down the Spread of Cancer Caused by Deadly Diesel Carbon Emissions