12/17/2012 10:45 am ET Updated Feb 16, 2013

Mayan Mia

Hurricanes and fiscal cliffs
Portending the apocalypse
Predicted in the Mayan glyphs
Or the one in Revelation --

If you're not among those tapped for
Heaven, at least you might capture
A picture of the coming Rapture
And tweet it to the nation.

Zombies who arise to stalk us,
Drug-resistant streptococcus,
The whole goddam Tea Party Caucus,
Cardiac fibrillation.

Salmonella in our lettuce.
The Universe is out to get us.
Maybe God can just forget us
And stage a new Creation.

And it won't take an asteroid
To blow us all into the void
Just some guy who's unemployed
And filled with indignation.

Or some soldier deep in shock,
A kid who lives around the block
With a Ruger or a Glock
Bent on annihilation.