03/17/2015 02:08 pm ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

Memorable Lines From Clifford Odets' Classic Play Rocket to the Moon

Have you ever discovered a great piece of art, dress or writing from the past that is so great it continues to resonate so deeply? Take Clifford Odets' play Rocket to the Moon. Although it first premiered back in 1938, many of the themes of the Depression-era drama feel completely timeless. In fact, this spectacular drama, which is not often performed, is currently playing at Theatre at St. Clements in New York City. In Rocket to the Moon, Ben Stark is a dentist who is stuck in an unhappy marriage and a stagnant dental practice. He longs for more passion and joy in his life and career (his proverbial rocket to the moon), but is he willing to change his life and take risks for his dreams?

Clifford Odets, a great playwright, screenwriter, and director, was known for writing dramas about working class people and their very human struggle to be happy, and feel special and accomplished -- especially during the Great Depression. His plays, like Golden Boy, Awake and Sing!, The Country Girl, The Big Knife and Rocket to the Moon, are considered true 20th century classics. In fact, it is said that Odets' work inspired many writers who succeeded him including Arthur Miller, Neil Simon and David Mamet.

Rocket to the Moon is packed with poignant lines. To read a number of great quotes from the play, click on this story.

For more information about the current Peccadillo Theater Company production of Rocket to the Moon (and its cast, which includes Ned Eisenberg, Jonathan Hadary, Lou Liberatore, Katie McClellan, Marilyn Matarrese, Larry Bull and Michael Keyloun), visit,


Jonathan Hadary and Katie McClellan in a scene from Rocket to the Moon.
Photo credit: Carol Rosegg, copyright 2015. (Photo used with permission.)