11/13/2012 06:07 pm ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

Wedding Band Cast Members Create a Funny or Die Video

On November 10th, TBS debuted its newest original series Wedding Band, starring Brian Austin Green, Melora Hardin, Peter Cambor, Harold Perrineau, Kathryn Fiore, Jenny Wade and Derek Miller. Each weekend, four guy friends escape their lives and day jobs to be weekend rock gods in their Seattle-based cover band, Mother of the Bride. The dudes do a bit of bromance bonding as they rock out for weddings, bar mitzvahs, bachelor parties and sweet sixteen gigs.

The show's creators and executive producers, Darin Moiselle and Josh Lobis, say that an allure of this band is that it's one area where the guys' lives can still overlap. It's their excuse for them to hang out together, drink for free and get paid for it. Plus, the band gives them a reason to get into a little mischief.

Talking about mischief of a more sinister kind, some of the cast members also did a recent piece on Funny or Die about the perils of taking bath salts. Look for the video titled, "Taking the Edge Off."

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