05/14/2012 12:36 pm ET Updated Jul 14, 2012

Dear Time Magazine

Dear Time magazine,

I have not read your now-infamous cover article, nor am I linking to it here. Unfortunately, I think it's fair to assume that it's unnecessary anyway as my readers likely already know to what I refer.

Truthfully, I'm pretty much loathe to read it at this point.

I have no problem with a respectful discussion of different types of parenting techniques and theories, or about breastfeeding's benefits and our cultural squeamishness about it. That would all be swell -- in fact I would welcome it, were opening a respectful dialogue or objectively examining those issues really your intent.

But a respectful discussion never starts with a calculated attempt to shock, nor does it EVER take the tone of a school yard bully asking, "Are you mom enough?" while looking into the camera as though she's ready to meet us behind the swing set to prove it.

Dragging mothers into a fight that only exists because the media has decided that it should and baiting us into it (or in this case attempting to bait us into it, thank you very much) by calculatedly striking at our deepest insecurities is deplorable.

So rather than help you prove the notion that controversy, no matter how manufactured it may be, sells, I'd much prefer to follow the example set by this fabulous mom who says, "I am mom enough and so are you."

Please take a moment to read her post and for the love of God, stop striking matches then screaming, "Fire!" There are plenty of real fires to focus on -- for example the one in 88 kids in our country with an autism spectrum disorder who desperately need compassion, understanding, and support. Yeah, I think I'll start there.