06/23/2015 10:02 am ET Updated Jun 22, 2016

What Inspires You?

It's really not a complicated question, but yet so few people are able to answer it in a clear or concise fashion. Instead most will answer with the sunset or "my kids inspire me" or they might have that one idol that provides them inspiration at any given moment.

It's no secret that for me personally, my kids and dubbed my "Reason" and "Hope" they do inspire me. My Reason, I had when I was merely 18 years old, and she was always my Reason to never give up on trying to be a better adult than the maturity level I was supposed to have at that age, my Reason to stay positive, my Reason to work my ass off to achieve my goals, my Reason to truly love. My Hope has done nothing but inspire me since conception. Medical issues during pregnancy yet having her be 100% happy and healthy has always given me Hope of a better world. The Hope for smiles and silliness, The Hope for innocence and change. The Hope that's needed to keep an optimistic outlook to match the Reason to be better every day. That's my inspiration.

However, occasionally I see something else that truly moves me and here recently, I have seen that in a short story about a beautiful young woman named Tricia. I became aware of her through Paper Clouds Apparel. Tricia is a 17-year-old beauty with a complex medical history that reads like a medical rap sheet; which includes a sentence that makes it impossible to even eat "real" food. So many things most teenagers take for granted the little things like enjoying a pizza. This young woman hasn't had that luxury in almost 5 years. Despite her complex medical conditions and huge hurdles she has faced, Tricia is thriving in school with goals and aspirations to move her education forward into the medical field; she also finds time to enjoy her hobbies and even volunteer for the Ronald McDonald House. Hearing her story moved me to write this today and ask the question...

What TRULY inspires you? Courage and conviction of another human? Is it the melodic sound of your favorite song or the smell of fresh ink in a new book? Is it seeing a business providing jobs for those with special needs? Is it someone who brings another person's courage and own personal story to the light in an attempt to help make the world a brighter place?

What inspires you? That is your homework for the day my friends. If you can't answer that question honestly, it is time for you to find the answer. Too many times, we put our blinders on to the outside world and stay in our own little bubbles selfishly only concentrating on our own day to day. I personally challenge you to pop that bubble, remove the blinders and check back into the world. Yes, there is a ton of crap and things we would like to not see but I guarantee you if you take the time to look again, there is 100% beauty and inspiration everywhere you go. Get up off the couch, leave your phone at home, get out there and go find yours. With inspiration comes smiles and joy, with happiness comes love, and with love comes life. Start living. I will be collecting your answers next week :)

.... Lastly, to Tricia, thank you for sharing your story. You inspired me this week, and for that, I send a HUGE thank you.