06/03/2014 03:55 pm ET Updated Aug 03, 2014

Dear Mom and Dad, I'm Moving Out

Dear Mom and Dad, I'm moving out... I'll be okay but I'll miss you. So here I am, confessing on behalf of every 20-something taking this leap of faith with me, we may actually miss you a whole lot.

We're excited. I mean, how could we not be? Finally our own place. Remember during each semester at school when we would not have to hear you tell us to clean our room and then each summer hear you tell us to clean our room? No bouncing back and forth anymore. Now, we can leave our clothes all over the floor and not have to hear how "disgusting" our room is. We can come home from work and do whatever we want.

We won't have chores: "...empty the dishwasher, walk the dog, call your grandmother, help unload the groceries, clean the toothpaste out of your bathroom sink..." Now, we can do those chores on our own time, in our own way, and not have to throw our dirty dishes from dinner in the dishwasher and have mom two seconds later re-organize it's a dishwasher, stop re-organizing it.

But, we have to admit, we found a lot of comfort in hearing the two of you tell us what to do because during college we understood what the term 'homesick' actually meant. That's right; we were totally homesick from time to time.

We're so excited to find our complete independence but we are going to miss you more than you know.

We know you taught us all the ropes of managing our finances but what if we forget to pay a bill? How are we going to remember to walk the dog if you aren't reminding us every ten minutes it has to get done? And what if we place something wrong in the dishwasher and it comes out dirty?

We are, of course, about to embark on this transition for a reason -- because you taught us everything we need to know to be ready for this. We cannot promise you we are going to remember to "properly" load a dishwasher, but we can promise you we'll be okay. We're just going to miss our girl's nights with mom and hearing dad tell us weird jokes. We're going to miss those family outings on the weekends when the word "errands" became extremely painful but were made instantly better with a trip to Costco. We're going to miss having a home-cooked meal on the table every night and counting on a care-package at school every so often. We're also going to miss getting a gazillion presents at Christmas time from Santa... promise to still sign our one or two adult-like presents 'from Santa'?

We're going to miss you like crazy. We're probably going to cry, or at least fall into some weird emotional state, as soon as you pull away after moving us in. It's not like college anymore when mistakes were just a part of learning. This is the real deal and we're going to miss you catching us when we fall.

So yeah, we guess we are moving out. And we're ready. We promise we're ready. But you have to promise to still let us come home whenever we want... how does next weekend sound?

Miss/Mr. Almost Independent