01/07/2014 11:39 am ET Updated Mar 09, 2014

Thank Your Body

Have you taken the time to thank your body today?

Look at those strong, powerful legs. How many miles have they carried you since you learned how to use them? Thank them.

And those arms as strong as tree boughs that have carried hugged, held and loved? Thank them.

What about those shoulders? They've held the weight of the world, and possibly still do. Thank them.

Those beautiful eyes. What have they seen in your years? They have seen good and bad, but they have seen everything that has come your way. Thank them.

You might look down at your stomach now and grimace, why?

You may grow a child there. You will have created life. You will have sustained that life within your own body.

Thank it.

We look at our bodies more and more with disdain than with love, which perpetuates the negativity we feel towards ourselves.

Our bodies are wonderful things, always working, constantly changing and growing each day.

Change how think. Stop punishing yourself and putting yourself down, instead, begin to accept yourself, learn to love your body for how it is rather than hating it for what it isn't.

It has carried you through this life, doesn't it deserve your love?

Jessica Lovejoy is a body positive advocate and writer. This post first appeared on her Tumblr: Follow Positive Body Image Inspiration on Facebook: