05/03/2013 12:56 am ET Updated Jul 02, 2013

'Glee' Recap: Somebody Wants To Get Married In 'Wonder-ful'


Note: Do not read on if you have not yet seen Season 4, Episode 21 of Fox's "Glee," titled "Wonder-ful."

Last week's episode of "Glee" set up a lot of plotlines for the end of the season, and next week's episode is the big finale. So what was this week's episode? Fluff.

It starts with Rachel on the phone with Mr. Schue telling him she got a callback for "Funny Girl." He is very proud and tells her she's a Schue-in. She starts thanking him for everything he's done. And then what is that on your face, William? Is that a tear? Oh no, it's just allergies. It is pollen season after all.

After hearing this fab news, Schue runs to tell the glee club. He tells them Rachel's news along with many more wonderful tidbits, like Brittany going on an MIT tour and Emma re-accepting his new proposal. Then he reveals this week's theme: Stevie Wonder-ful.

Does that bother anyone else? I get that Stevie is a musical genius, and his songs are iconic, but I m so sick of these older themes. "American Idol" frequently does the same thing and it's so boring. I have a hard time believing that these glee kids were so against Mr. Schue's old-timer songs during "Dream" week but are perfectly okay singing Stevie Wonder.

After practice, Kitty chases down Artie and asks him why he's so depressed. She thinks it's because he wants her, but it's really because he got into the Brooklyn Film Academy, but he can't go. And no, Kitty, he doesn't want to talk about why.

In NYC, Kurt is packing to go back to Ohio. His dad gets his test results in two days and Kurt wants to be there. Also, Kurt has been developing a little bit of OCD. He's only packing light blue socks because light blue means clear skies (which means clear of cancer). When he shows up at McKinley, he creepily stares at Blaine in the hallway for a few minutes before Mercedes and Mike Chang show up behind him. They're all here to help the glee club prepare for regionals.

Kitty is the first one to perform for Stevie Wonder week, and she sings "Signed, Sealed, Delivered." She is being very flirtatious toward Artie during her song, but he's not having it. He's giving her a death glare, but yet she keeps shoving her lady parts very close to his face. After the song she announces to everyone that Artie got into film school. In private he tells her he's furious with her, and the real reason he isn't going is because his mom is freaking out because NYC isn't very wheelchair friendly.

At the Lima Bean, we learn that Mercedes is here filming a video for her new album. Amazing! Rachel has a Broadway audition and Mercedes has a record deal! All less than a year after graduation. There must be something in the water in Lima, Ohio (Ryan Murphy juice). Mercedes wants Mike and Jake to be in her big video, but when she corners Jake in the hallway, he's really reluctant. He claims that he's only a sophomore, so he doesn't want to do it. This makes no sense. Does McKinley have a "No Sophomores in Music Videos" rule that I'm unaware of?

At the doctor, Kurt's dad, Kurt, and Finn's mom are awaiting the news. The doc calls them in for the big reveal, and he tells them Kurt's dad is cancer free! Everyone is extremely happy, and Kurt's dad, who has always been the most eloquent of speakers, screams about how wasn't ready to leave because there's so much more to do like, "You getting married! Grand babies! Having old people sex with Carol!"

Brb. Vomiting.

Back. Kurt brings his dad to the glee club and tells him he has a surprise. Kurt's dad correctly guesses that Kurt is going to sing him a song, and when Kurt breaks out into "You Are The Sunshine of My Life," I want to be annoyed, but I can't. I get really emotional because I love Kurt's relationship with his dad. I think out of every relationship on the show, this one has seen the most growth and development since Season 1. You guys don't even want to know how much I cried last season when Kurt's dad did the "Single Ladies" dance.

Rachel is in a classroom rehearsing for her big audition when Cassandra (Kate Hudson) comes in. She knows about the callback. She tells Rachel that she's moving Rachel's big dance midterm to tomorrow so it doesn't interfere with the audition (and also, she's coming to the audition and bringing Barbra Streisand). I genuinely laughed during this scene. I really love Kate Hudson on this show and hope she stays on next season, although I doubt a big movie star like her will.

In the McKinley auditorium, Mercedes is yelling at somebody on the phone. Her producer wants her to show more skin on her album cover, but she refuses. So, she loses her record deal. But she still has the music she made and hands a copy of it to everyone in glee. Instead of compromising herself, she's going to sell this record outside of church and on Girl, that sounds like a great plan. You don't need those big L.A. business big-shots who know what they're doing! Then they all sing "Higher Ground" because she took the higher ground. Ick.

When Artie gets home that day, Kitty is there with his mom (Katey Sagal). It turns out that Artie never told his mom about film school because he's actually the one who is afraid. He doesn't want to pack up and leave his mom after she's done so much for him. After an emotional convo, she tells him he has to go to New York, and she threatens to TIP HIM OVER if he ever implies that she's an old hag. (I must have missed when he did that?)

For Rachel's midterm, Cassandra invited other students to dance around to celebrate her big Broadway audition. She explains that even though students at NYADA are ruthless and will do anything to get to the top, they are also family and love to celebrate when part of the kin gets a big audition. The next day, Rachel brings Cassandra a cane that was used in the movie "Fame." She wants to thank her for everything she's done. She taught Rachel to be a better dancer and performer. Then Cassandra explains why she's been so hard on little David Schwimmer. "I saw something in you. I thought to myself, this one's special. This one might make it." Then she ends with telling Rachel she's going to get the part. "I know you will."

In the auditorium, Kurt's dad meets up with Blaine. Blaine gives him a rainbow ring to wear at his big politician job and then asks if he can marry Kurt. Um what? I do not understand why this show is obsessed with marrying these really young couples. Kurt's dad, a sane person, tells Blaine no way. "Did you learn anything from Finn and Rachel?" (Did you, Ryan Murphy? Did you???) He explains that there is a big difference between marrying a person and marrying an idea. He tells him to slow down and "when two people love each other like you two do, everything works out."

When Blaine sees Kurt in the hallway, he pulls him aside and says he needs to ask him something. He stutters a little bit and says "Will you ... um ... would you ... uh ... umm ... will you ... er ... stick around for regionals?" And Kurt says yes. Look at that commitment!

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