03/23/2012 05:38 pm ET Updated May 23, 2012

HuffPost Impact Spring Into Action Series: Fresh Innovative Ways To Give

With slushy streets and sweater weather now a paltry memory, Spring has surely sprung. As you emerge from your long Winter's nap, we're urging you to take some of that new-found energy normally reserved solely for backyard barbecues or Spring Break trips and find ways to help those who don't have such luxuries.

On March 20, the first day of Spring, HuffPost Impact is launching a series called "Spring Into Action: Fresh, Innovative Ways To Give." We'll be highlighting new cause initiatives, social innovation, families in need who have unique stories to tell and more.

When it comes to issues such as veteran homelessness and unemployment, which hit 12.1 percent last year for those who served in Iraq and Afghanistan, nonprofits are being tasked more and more to fill in the gaps. As always, we're keeping these pressing issues in the spotlight, but looking to highlight new, creative and effective ways people are tackling such problems.

We've also had an influx of new bloggers contributing their voices on everything from child hunger to global crises, who we're eager to feature through this series.

For example, if you know a worthy woman, reach out to Sejal Hathi, one of our bloggers who's seeking 10,000 young women for a new movement highlighting women entrepreneurs who are solving important challenges in their communities. The campaign's goal is to illustrate how women are driving social change worldwide and to inspire others to do the same.

Or, read about social entrepreneurs to watch, whose innovative ideas inspire us to Spring Into Action. They're saving babies in developing countries with teeny tiny sleeping bags and fighting sex stigma with mobile apps.

For younger readers looking to get involved in a cause, Lauren Potter from Glee has asked people to Spring Into Action by supporting her new bullying initiatives.

Matt Damon put a new twist on World Water Day by asking people to get involved by donating their voices over money.

Impact is also highlighting worthy, undertold individual stories. Read about a family who has HIV and is in need of help, and a local volunteer who, as a teen mom, received assistance from a food bank and is now dedicated to giving back.

Check out all these stories and ways you can get involved throughout the season through our "Spring Into Action" series.