08/30/2011 11:35 am ET Updated Oct 26, 2011

Wine Country Wonders: Vineyard Vacations

What's better than an afternoon of swilling and slurping, with a view of sun-burnished, parallel line vines and a multi-course tasting menu (with pairings) on the horizon? Wine country escapes are right at the top of our favorite vacations list and these days they're as bountiful as a good harvest, with serious vineyards worth seeing on every continent. We've paired up with the sommeliers at our sister site Gilt Taste to choose some of our favorites in classic spots like Napa and Tuscany as well as some up-and-comers. So whether you're a seasoned oenophile or a trainee taster, and you like classic Cabs or radical Rieslings, there's something for every palette.

Vineyard Vacations

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