04/09/2012 06:51 pm ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

Band Bites: JBM

Jesse Marchant, aka JBM, has never had groupies cook for him, but he did indulge in some fan-made peanut butter cookies for a friend's band. Canadian born to a mother who makes a mean mac 'n cheese, he's never been on a proper date. Lots of room to impress here, ladies! Not to mention that he spent much of the year isolated in the Catskills recording. His new album Stray Ashes pairs well with whiskey.


What do you eat before a show? Nothing. I actually have a really funny thing about needing to play on an empty stomach. It makes it rather hard to eat well on tour.

What's your favorite thing to get after a show? Arugula salad and french fries.

Where've you had your best post or pre meal, what was it? Dallas, TX. Tex-mex (?) veggie burger at the Spiral Diner. I am ashamed to say how many times I have eaten there.

Have any groupies ever made you anything and sent it backstage? Not any of mine, but a friend whom I opened for a few years ago was given a rather large batch of peanut butter cookies packed in a pink box wrapped in a bow. We ate a few of those after agreeing that they were most likely not poisoned. They were very good.

If your mom was on the tour bus, what would she insist you eat? What would you insist she make? She would simply insist that I DO eat. I would insist she make her mac 'n cheese. Her own recipe, made with large shells. Unbeatable. I have tried many.

Who's the best cook in the band? What's their best dish? I have yet to tour with any of these fellows, but I gather that they are sophisticated folk who can whip something up.

Any on the road food discoveries or restaurants or roadside vendors... some hidden gems you've come across? A taco cart in Salt Lake city with no name made me the best rice and bean burrito that I have ever had. The sweetheart of a lady who runs it makes everything with a lot of care. It was late after a show last December and we all stood around and ate in the cold. It was the only time that I have ever considered eating a second burrito. The cart moves around, I guess, but it was on one of the main drags when we were there, a few blocks down from the venue. It looks like nothing but it is a lot.

Best two dates? Worst two dates? Two dream dates? Never been on a proper date. I am scared stiff of them.

I'm on the bus now. What do you what me to make? A tomato, avocado, spinach and extra sharp cheddar sandwich on a proper Baguette, with a lot of Dijon.