03/10/2013 01:05 pm ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

Siggi's Yogurt Makes a Good Partner

Siggi"s x The Culinistas Collaboration from all things delicious on Vimeo.

When a food as versatile as yogurt meets a chef as lazy as me there's a certain chemistry... a certain je ne sais quoi... a spark that ignites, and the possibilities are endless. We could go for a skinny DIP or decide to get DRESSED. We could keep it light with white wine friendly PASTA or MARINATE together for a few hours. I'd even be inclined to stay over for BREAKFAST the next morning. But I'm not talking about any yogurt; gosh! I DO have standards! Even though there was that DJ... and there was that construction worker... and that photo assistant slash musician slash painter....but I digress. Though that last one wrote me a song. And, plus: I've learned! It's not just pretty packaging that makes a good soul mate. Or even sweet jingles. That's fun; but after you've woken up every morning together for years and years, you want to know that what's inside is reliable. And good for you. And, if you're me, a bit of a shape-shifter because, after all, I kinda like to mix things up. Siggi's, you're so good to me. I can do more with Siggi's plain yogurt to spice up or mellow out or enhance a dish than there are artists on my list.

This video is a love song to Siggi's yogurt. You see how plain yogurt (of quality!) can take the place of more not-so-good-for-you creams like sour cream, creme fraiche, mayonnaise (yes, I know that's not really cream), and even, sort of, butter. But, to think of yogurt as a "healthy alternative" is sort of missing the point. I like to use it because I like how it tastes - in and of itself. It's not about subbing out. It's about enjoying Siggi for what it is. Save the swapping for lovers.