12/21/2011 10:22 am ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

Youth Lagoon Awaiting Groupie Gifts

Despite being brilliant, young, and handsome, none of Trevor Powers' groupies have sent backstage a lick of food. If left to his own devices, the 22-year-old is pretty much eating (inspiring) chicken wraps and Taco Bell. Let's get him some fuel! He channels aspects of youth (and, let's be honest, LIFE) in his Year of Hibernation. Turns out, what never made sense for him to talk about is actually universal stuff... growing up is hard to do.


What do you eat before a show?
Usually something light..

What's your favorite thing to get after a show?
Usually anything I can get my hands on, preferably a good burrito.

Does it vary depending on city?
Definitely. Most of the larger cities tend to have restaurants that stay open late, while smaller suburban areas tend to shut down pretty early. So in the big cities, it's easy to take your pick as far as exactly what you want to eat. 
What's your favorite post-NYC show meal?
So far one of my favorites I've had in NY has been a lamb burger. Absolutely superb. Duck was good too. 

What's your favorite post-LA meal?
I've had some great taco truck food in LA.

Have any groupies ever made you anything and sent it backstage?
Not yet..

Any food that musically inspires you?
A perfectly made chicken caesar wrap can definitely inspire.

What are your fondest food memories? Any of them documented in your music?
Some of my best food memories include my mom's homemade pizza I grew up eating. Some of my favorite pizza I've ever had. So far I haven't written any songs about it though (laughs)

What's your favorite city for eating before or after you've played a gig?
Montreal has some amazing local restaurants. For example, fish and chips... simple but delectable. 

What hometown meal do you miss the most when you are on the road?
I always miss the pizza from a local place called Pie Hole.

Who's the pickiest eater in the band? What's his deal?
Well since the tours have pretty much just consisted of two of us, it would probably be me. I still don't really know what my deal is. 

Who's the best cook in the band? what's their best dish?
There's not. (laughs) I've always wished I could cook, but never exactly been my gift. It's always just fending for ourselves to find the grub.

Any food favorites of the entire band?
Taco Bell...