08/29/2011 10:24 pm ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

Irene: Gratitude and Cautionary Warnings




I awakened this morning with a feeling of gratitude and a sense of bliss. In my dreams I was floating about in pools of calm turquoise waters filling white tiled rooms. When I looked down at my body it was painted deep neon rose-pink -- almost aglow.

The "agita" of the past week had evaporated...

I lay in bed rejoicing in my life -- in love with my very existence, the bounty, health, gifts, beautiful friends, an amazing daughter, my adorable feisty pup, the roof above my head in my charming West Village flat, the glorious neighborhood filled with intelligent, caring people, my amour -- the City of New York, the sane sensibility of our leaders, Mayor Bloomberg. Governor Cuomo, President Obama -- who lead us ever-so-wisely through many disasters, the courageous firefighters, police and National Guard who risk life-n-limb for us all and our beloved country.

I was alive. Those near and dear were well. So very blessed am I.

So when I heard the ignorance of complaints regarding possible over-preparedness, political strategizing or media-hype, I aspired to practice the spiritual adage of "Forgive them, for they know not what they do (say)!" Had they not awakened to the same calm and well-being of our dear residential Greenwich Village?

Yes. Science is still imperfect! We will never know what disasters we averted by these very actions, possible death and destruction.

So to all those harboring those complaints I say... Let us remember not only on our very good fortune, but those who suffered lives lost and those who suffer still. Our neighbors in Westchester, New Jersey, Vermont and Pennsylvania, awaiting cresting rivers, homes in shambles, dear ones gone, life-work damaged.

I have always believed God speaks in a whisper, but unheeded, resorts to shouts!!! I believe these ravages of Nature to be critical Cautionary Warnings!!!

Climate Change...Global Warming.. Our Environmental negligence is causal... Our Ecological abuse is evident! We have too-long mistreated our home, Mother Earth, taken the glory of Nature for granted. Ecological devastation must stop. Proper respect for our earth and all its inhabitants must be shown for we humans, four-leggeds, winged creatures, flora & fauna. All must be truly respect and treated with appropriate reverence. We are the stewards of this great globe, and must grow into that proper loving stewardship... hopefully still in time.

The Day After Irene






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