04/12/2006 01:21 pm ET Updated May 25, 2011

Under The Disco Ball

I have issues. While driving, I like to listen to Christian right-wing radio. Today on 740 AM in Los Angeles, the immigration protest were being compared to the war on Christianity (aren't most of the protesters Christian?), one world government, and ultimately a sign of the end times.

Of course in a matter of an hour they always come back to...The Gay Agenda. They had on a woman from Concerned Women Of America who was railing against two California bills (AB 606 & 607) that would address sexual orientation/gender identity discrimination and harassment in the schools. In her words, " it would force all California public schools, from grades as young as kindergarten, to teach normal children to think of themselves as possibly transsexual, bisexual, or homosexual, and to experiment with this risky behavior."

If there is one-a room of powerful homosexuals deciding the world's fate-how come no one I know has been invited?

This song was sung live last month at the Keswick Theater in Philly. I opened up for my favorite, Billy Bragg.

Under The Disco Ball:

Johnny's mom was worried. She caught him in the bathroom
With a copy of GQ. The men's fall fashion issue.
So, she called her pastor, the respected Reverend Beene
Who after a minute of silence said, "I'll pray for thee".

Johnny's dad was absent, at another men's convention
For Christian men who need learn to be better dads
But Johnny's mom kept quiet about her son's sin
Afraid that dad would beat the holy shit out of him

Under the disco ball, another child will fall
Under the spell of leather and the big kick drum
They have a scheme; they have a plan
To take the Children of our land
Turn them into stylist
And women who

Listen here.