06/22/2009 05:12 am ET Updated May 25, 2011

Adam Lambert and Homophobia: A Clarification

The other day I blogged ( about Adam Lambert's "American Idol" loss being due to homophobia. It got a the biggest response of any HuffPost piece I've written, both positive, negative and outright nasty. In my post, I said, "Go ahead, give me another reason" why Lambert lost. And many posters here proceeded to call my bluff and, indeed, give me a piece of their minds and plenty of other reasons.

I see what they are all talking about, appreciate the comments, and I agree that for many it is just a simple matter of taste and has nothing to do with homophobia. I stand corrected. I shall proceed to wrap my body in barbed wire, throw acid in my face, and do penance.

I also neglected to properly congratulate Kris Allen on winning fair and square. Congratulations, Kris, if you care. You're my American Idol. Although worshiping you is breaking a Commandment, I will come to your concert and throw my panties at you and say "Awww" when you get all red in the face.

Some of the critics of my piece called me a 'typical knee-jerk liberal' playing the 'victim mentality.' To clarify, I am not a liberal. I am a pragmatic moderate. My views are all over the place. For example, I believe in capital punishment, and since I was a former teacher, I believe in starting it at the 8th grade level.

But while I am not at all one of those 'knee-jerk liberals' who screams, "homophobia!" or "racism!" when something doesn't go my way, I still believe that homophobia played a part, however big or small, in the Idol results, maybe enough to tip the scales against Lambert. I didn't get this idea all by my lonesome. Some said, "What research do you base this assumption on?"

I will now confess to a guilty pleasure/unhealthy obsession: I visit conservative and right-wing websites, read articles, and read posters' comments. I'm a comedian looking for material. I also like to see how people think, especially those completely unlike me. Sometimes reading these threads makes my blood pressure rise to the level of a shell-shocked Vietnam Vet watching a fireworks display. There is a huge amount of unchecked id in the land. One poster, commenting on Wanda Sykes' comedy routine at the White House Correspondent's Dinner, called her a "nignoramus." Clever word, but yeeeeow.

On some of these websites, I read nasty comments about Lambert. I will not repeat them, but they were all anti-gay and had nothing to do with him, his artistry or talent. Reading these posts made me naturally assume that there were a good many people out there who don't like him because he's either gay or perceived to be.

Some also took me to task for use of the word 'homophobia.' 'Homophobia' literally means 'fear of homosexuals.' Homophobes, especially, resent being called homophobic. One poster wrote, literally, "I'm not prejudiced, but I do not want a gay American Idol. I do not want my children to grow up like him." That, to me, says "fear."

But I can see why some reacted negatively to my post. Lambert's loss could be because of anything -- the judges' blatant favoritism, Adam's flair for the outrageous, the Danny Gokey vote, or simple taste in music and performance. One thing is for certain: they guy's a star. We're all wasting our valuable time talking about him.

In the end, Idol is just a dumb television show a bunch of us got addicted to, the perfect cure for the downturn blues. It cracks me up how passionate people get about these things, including me. Now that Idol is over, we can all return to our lives and deal with more pressing matters, like Miss California's breast implants.