05/01/2015 04:23 pm ET Updated May 01, 2016

Uber Makes It Easy to 'Give' to Goodwill

It's spring, the season for blossoming trees, heightened allergies, and of course, time to clean out those overcrowded closets! Spring is also a great time of year to donate -- sending all of those used household goods and clothing items you no longer need to a worthy cause.

But for many of us spring is also a very busy time of year. Donating takes time and energy, and unfortunately that often means goods that could be donated sometimes get sent to the trash instead, because it's just quicker and easier. Fortunately, this year there's a no-excuses way to make an impact with your spring cleaning: Goodwill has partnered up with Uber to make donating used clothing and household goods as easy as an (allergy-free) walk in the park.

On Saturday, May 2, donors can use their Uber app to request a car, which will then pick up their donations and deliver them to their local Goodwill -- all free of charge. Donors will simply open their Uber app and select "GIVE" at the bottom of the screen. An Uber SUV driver will come to the desired location and pick up the clothing, which are then dropped off at the nearest Goodwill donation center. It's convenient, modern, and simple. Did I mention free?

We're excited to build off of the success of previous partnerships with Uber to offer #UberSpringCleaning on Saturday. More than 50 cities across the United States will enjoy access to the "GIVE" option -- making donating no more difficult that ordering a ride. Donors are just asked to bag up all of their items and then bring them outside.

All of the revenue sold from these donations in our Goodwill stores go toward funding job placement and training programs in the communities where donations are made. By bagging up your used goods and clicking that "GIVE" button, you'll be funding job training, resume preparation, job search skills, and other economic opportunities for people in your community.

Every one of us likely knows a friend, family member or neighbor who is out of work and hoping to get back into the workplace. While the national unemployment numbers are finally headed in the right direction, for most of us the real concern is whether the people we know and love have an opportunity to work. For one day this spring, helping friends, neighbors and family members will be easy -- just clean out your closets and call for a pick up.

Find a list of cities participating in the Goodwill/Uber partnership on Uber's website.

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