11/21/2014 06:47 pm ET Updated Jan 21, 2015

Unexpected Resource for Personal Finance Tools

Who would have thought it? Would you believe there is set of financial tools and resources out there just waiting for you to stop by and give them a spin? Get this: most if not all of these tools to fix that hole in your wallet, to repair your credit, to figure out a way to pay off those nagging bills and more don't even cost you a cent to use. That's right, for the most part, these personal finance tools are FREE, as in no direct charge to you.

Here's what's going on. Interestingly, this is just now showing up right in time for the holiday shopping season. What is this miracle resource and where can you get it? Are you ready for this? Maybe you should sit down first, just in case its too much of a shock on your system.

Hard to believe, but true. This wonderful set of tools comes to us from the Big House. No!, not that one, the White House, that is. Yes, it was revealed to the nation in a newly updated White House blog post. Who even knew the White House even had a blog? Anyway, here's what you need to know. The White House has assembled together a set of personal finance tools that you can use right now.

For example, one tool that is sure to prove popular is the one labeled SAVINGS PLANNER. This personal finance tool is essentially on online calculator. The best place to use this tool is at the beginning of the savings process as found here. This tool lets you input directly into the calculator your own personal numbers. After you enter your numbers and type in your goals, this nifty little tool will spit out your results right there in front of you. No more messing with complicated spreadsheets or adding up numbers and doing money math by hand. This tool will take of all of that for you.

Along the same line, another personal finance tool that will likely prove popular is the college budget calculator. This tool, setup by none other than the Department of Education is all about helping you come to realistic expectations with your college expenses and your income. The cool thing to note about this calculator is that it helps you consider all of your resources so you can have a more realistic estimate of your total education cost.

Yet another tool on this site is certain to be the tool that is designed for those consumers with an outstanding mortgages. This tool is specifically engineered to help those with mortgages who are finding themselves at the end of the money long before the end of the month shows up. Although not a calculator like the personal finance tools discussed above, there is a direct link that takes you direct to the source for all things mortgage relief related.

Another tool here comes from our friends at the Internal Revenue Service (IRS). As you know, unless you happen to be married to a CPA or have boatloads of money to hire one yourself, filing personal taxes can be an expensive ordeal. Was that to be mailed Certified Mail or Priority mail or both? None of that kind of stuff with this tool.However, the IRS has an amazing personal finance tool for you with regards to filing your taxes. Amazing as in FREE. That's right, FREE, as in you don't have to pay. The IRS refers to it as FREE file.

Finally, there are a couple of additional personal finance tools here for you. There is tool that works to calculate the amount of Sales Taxes you can deduct on this year's tax return. There is a tool that gives you straight answers on home ownership compared to renting. Lastly there is a tool that allows recent college graduates to calculate the monthly payment amounts once the student loan bills start to show up.

As you can see, the White House has provided a valuable set of tools all on one easy to access site. You can find out more right here.

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