09/10/2013 11:08 am ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

The Best Cab Ride of My Life

The story is short. But the picture is worth -- well -- everything.

I was in a cab heading home from O'Hare today -- a journey I make with regularity. The cab driver was polite. His car was clean. And I was settling in for my 25 minute ride home. Which meant I was burying my nose in my iPhone.


It was then, less than 60 seconds after pulling away from Terminal C, that I noticed it. The sign. There were actually two of them. Identical. Laminated. And posted perfectly on the back side of the driver's seat and front passenger's seat:


I think I read it three or four times. The cynic in me was looking for something missing. There had to have been a catch.

But there wasn't.

I snapped a photograph and posted it on my Facebook profile with a note, "Nominating my cab driver for today's 'act of kindness' award."

And within seconds my Facebook profile lit up like a switchboard. A reminder that most of us welcome a reminder of goodness, humanity and compassion.

One by one the comments and "likes" poured in.

"Your sign and message are awesome. Amazing," I said to the cab driver.

And he told me the simple story of where it all began. Travelers were arriving hungry -- especially many traveling international.

So this was his way to help.

Nothing more than that.

"Well, you are an inspiration," I told him.

And he just smiled.

Another fare in the backseat. Nourished with kosher kindness.


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