01/05/2011 02:58 pm ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

CES: Amazing Device Turns Your iPhone Into a Car Stereo

There are a wide range of ways to stream audio from your iPhone to your car stereo, from the mini-jack to bluetooth and more. But they all involve fumbling with a separate unit, which can be downright dangerous on the road.

Now there's a better way! The new O'car, announced today at CES 2011, actually makes your iPhone or iPod Touch an integral part of the stereo. You hop into the car, plug the iPhone into your head unit, and it turns into an automotive device -- letting you listen to music, see GPS, use heads-up navigation and much more.

A downloadable app integrates the phone's OS and software into the head unit -- and the iPhone actually swivels horizontally and vertically -- this has to be seen to be believed! It also includes a 4x55 watt amp with a subwoofer control, and even supports multitasking (although we're not sure how).

The unit will be available in the first quarter of 2011 for around $300.

See the Amazing iPhone Car Stereo In Action!

We'll have much more from CES as the show progresses. For all the updates, bookmark our CES 2011 special report!