01/25/2011 10:27 am ET Updated May 25, 2011

Richard Daley, Jeffrey Immelt - A Rhyming Rant

Richard Daley, Jeffrey Immelt,
Businessmen who know their stuff,
Now have clout to help Obama
Tell the workingstiffs, "Hey, tough."
This recession - it was caused by
Big-deal bankers placing bets.
But the costs - hey, they'll be born by
Those who own no corporate jets.
Regulations hamper business!
Out they go! We must compete!
Take on India and China.
Yes, it will be oh so sweet
To create more jobs in Asia,
Grow our foreign factories.
Here at home? You want a program
To make jobs? You're dreaming! Please
Don't mistake your president for
Someone who will fight for you.
And as U.S. states and cities
Bludgeon unions...what you do:
"You can simply re-elect me,"
Says Obama. "Thank you much.
In the meantime maybe Daley
Takes your phone calls. Stay in touch!"
Unless - hmm, he's very busy,
Catering to other folks.
In his job at J.P Morgan
Dick made contacts. Could he coax
Mucho bucks from big-deal bankers?
That would help Obama win
Re-election much more certain
Than assisting kith and kin
Of those grubby folks in workclothes,
Without college! No degree!
As for Immelt...GE Credit
Didn't foster empathy
For the folks who sit around their
Kitchen table writing checks.
End of month, they hope to stretch their
Budgets. Hey, it's not complex:
Maybe one day we'll elect a
Democrat as president.
Until then, just be aware of
Where your "Yes we can!" vote went.