03/24/2010 05:12 am ET Updated May 25, 2011

Fatal Ad-traction

Remember when going back to your wife after an affair with an unstable woman could get your kids' bunny boiled? Now you get billboards and websites. Crazy revenge love, like everything else, has gotten media-savvy.

Of course, "Fatal Attraction," the movie where the spurned lover commits rabbit-cide, was fiction. This situation in the news today, where the former mistress of a software executive put up midtown billboards showing the couple in happier days, is real. A woman named YaVaughnie Wilkins bought about a quarter-million dollars worth of rented signage showing her and Oracle President Charles Wilson, with the line "You are my soulmate forever" imprinted across the top. Mr. Wilson released a statement acknowledging the affair, he's apparently reconciled with his wife, and one can only guess to what degree, if at all, this billboard situation ruined his day.

It's all very curious. All that money to put up billboards which, as is now being reported, are already being taken down. Why do I get the feeling a reality show called "YaVaughnie" is being pitched to cable networks as we speak?