Recall Walker Gains Momentum

Angry Wisconsinites file to recall ideological governor!

In October paperwork was filed with the Government Accountability Board to gather signatures to recall Governor Scott Walker after just one year in office.

The honeymoon ended abruptly when the newly elected governor began pushing controversial policies that attacked hard-working Wisconsin citizens.

Push-back began when Senate Democrats left the state in February to prevent a budget vote that also stripped public union rights. It was swift and has been growing ever since. Wisconsin became the battleground for the middle-class.

As momentum builds, the chance of recall becomes more imminent.

If the recent recall elections and the current polls are any indication then, yes, the Governor will be forced to step down after one year of disservice.

The process begins on November 15th when citizens in huge numbers will begin to gather signatures to initiate the recall. They will have 60 days to get 540 thousand registered Wisconsin voter's signatures to put Governor Walker on the ballot; 60 days to work their magic.

And the magic is there! More than 200 thousand individuals have already signed up to go out and get the required signatures. With this kind of enthusiasm, it should be easy.

In Ohio, the group fighting to repeal SB5 -- the bill that strips collective bargaining rights -- collected nearly four times the 231 thousand signatures required to get Issue 2 on the ballot. They collected over 1.3 million. Over 915,000 were certified.

The effort in Ohio, like the push in Wisconsin against Governor Walker, is a referendum against Governor Kasich's right-wing agenda which pits hard-working Americans against corporations and neo-conservatives. The transfer of wealth from the middle-class to the uber-rich.

Millions of dollars are pouring into Ohio to defeat Issue 2, most of it from fake citizen organizations like Americans for Prosperity and Crossroads, and billionaires like the Kochs and the DeVos family, who consider hard-working Americans disposable.

When the Democrats were successful recalling two of the state Senators from Republican districts in Wisconsin on August 9th, the recall of the controversial governor gained more momentum and moved closer to reality.

Jessica King and Jennifer Shilling defeated Republicans Randy Hopper and Dan Kapanke to move the Democrats closer to retaking the majority in the Senate, and incumbent Democrats retained all three seats in the three attempts to recall Democratic Senators.

That momentum has grown and could lead to more than a milion signatures -- twice what is needed.

To defeat this populist discontent, millions will be spent by the same groups working against SB 5 to defeat the recall. Media campaigns will be launched fraught with lies and misinformation to deceive the voters.

This is, yet again, a pivotal point for democracy.

It's important to the people of Wisconsin -- important to the nation.

Wisconsin cannot afford to live under a Republican plutocratic rule, nor can the people of Ohio.

The momentum that began in Wisconsin just nine short months ago must continue in Ohio, Arizona, Michigan, Florida, and other states experiencing the destructiveness of the right-wing ideology.

Governor Walker is the poster boy for the recall and repeal movement.

Citizens of these co-oped states have discovered that they were lied to during the 2010 campaign. The support for Governors and legislators they elected, expecting fiscal changes and jobs, evaporated as soon as the ideologues' took office.

The momentum must continue. First, repeal SB5 -- Issue 2 is being voted on in Ohio on November 8th -- then recall Governor Scott Walker in Wisconsin, then take back the country from the ideological grip of the tunnel-visioned neo-cons in the 2012 election.

The Recall Walker Momentum is real and his time has come.

Our nation is again counting on the people of the Badger State to show the nation what true democracy is and blaze a new trail to freedom.