The Weakest Majority in History?

As an unrepresented Independent voter, I feel betrayed by the Democratic Majority.

Members of the Pejorative Party joined Republicans to advance a weak and compromised Tax Bill -- a bill that will both stimulate and destroy the economy.

On Monday 83 Senators voted to bring the compromised tax legislation up for debate on the floor of the Senate leading to a vote, and 81 voted to pass the bill with only 13 Dems voting nay despite the non-stimulative giveaways to the wealthiest Americans.

Democrats have proven over and over that despite their ability to govern, they're no match for the pugilistic Republicans in getting legislation passed or formulating the message.

At what point does having a majority translate into acting like a minority?

In 2008 the electorate reaffirmed their desire for change by giving the Democrats an even larger majority in Congress than in 2006, and the executive office; a clear referendum of the mood of the country.

Expectations were high.

Progressives and Independents alike were hopeful that the war in Iraq would end -- as promised by candidate Obama -- that our young men and women would return home and no more American blood would spill in this unlawful excursion into a foreign land. Their desire to reduce our exposure in Afghanistan was dashed by the President's escalation in spite of the clarion call for reduction.

Democrats, a clear majority, cowered and agreed to the escalation out of fear that Republicans would paint them as weak and unpatriotic; unaware that 'the people' would see them as weak.

The opportunity to bring our heroic soldiers home to the safety of America and out of harm's way, and at the same time reduce the deficit, was missed -- missed by a milquetoast majority who failed to correctly interpret the mandate from the voters.

They withered under GOP pressure and failed to close Guantanamo.

Failing to include the Public Option in the healthcare bill, break up the Big Banks instead of giving them Viagra, not voting on the tax bill months ago, then shrinking when Republicans held the American people hostage, the Democrats set themselves up to be the whipping boys on upcoming and future legislation.

Failure to legislate from a position of strength has left this nation vulnerable to the failed policies of the right-wing obstructionist's.

The House, under the leadership of Speaker Pelosi, passed several hundred bills -- many important for a nation needing to move forward -- only to be stalled by an impotent Senate; impotency created by a weak majority and an uncaring minority.

Weakness in the Senate Democrats is manifest in a few individuals and the failure of President Obama to stand behind his campaign promises. Senators like Ben Nelson, Evan Bayh, and Blanche Lincoln diminished the power of the majority to legislate 'for the people.' And right-leaning Joe Lieberman further undermined their position.

In addition to the weakness of the Democrats, the ease with which Olympia Snowe, Susan Collins, George Voinovich and Bob Bennett abandon their principles to vote for a destructive Republican agenda is equally disturbing.

The most egregious failure of the Democratic Majority is the the passage of this corrosive tax bill -- a mistake they, and the American people will surely pay for over the next two years. Democrats in the Senate allowed the bill to pass and a vocal caucus in the House caved to allow passage. They've authorized the Republicans and the rich of the New Gilded Age to pass incredible debt onto the children and grandchildren of the middle-class.

The American People have lost control of an already dysfunctional government and, with the recent election, lessened any chance of reclaiming the control our forefather's envisioned.

Influence of special interests, a weak majority, an uncaring and destructive minority, and a stupid electorate have extinguished hope and the American Dream.

The need to stand strong and fight back has never been more important or more obvious.

The question is, will the Democrats be remembered as the weakest majority in history?