06/10/2012 11:28 am ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

Eurotrip 2012 - Dispatch #4

The opening game of Euro 2012 between Poland and Greece finally arrived and I enjoyed every single moment of it. I talked to drunk Polish fans, I screamed in a Passion Meter, I laced up the cleats again to relive my glory days, and I jumped on a trampoline... and that was before the game had even started! Once the whistle blew, I found myself amongst 100,000 people in the middle of the Fan Zone in Warsaw hoping and wishing that Poland would be the winners because, five years after being named as one of the hosts of the tournament, I could sense the collective nervousness of the crowd. They knew that this was going to be their country's opportunity to shine with everyone watching.

After only 17 minutes, Poland's top threat up top, Robert Lewandowski, headed home a beautiful cross and sent the crowd into a frenzy, which meant I was getting hugged by strangers of all shapes, smells, and sizes, and it felt like everyone wearing red and white took one huge sigh of relief. However, Poland's good fortune wouldn't last long as Greece worked diligently to find their way back into the game and it finished in a very exciting 1-1 draw. I know, I know, a normal American fan doesn't understand how a 1-1 draw can be exciting but, I assure you, this game was. Two red cards, a saved penalty kick, a goal that got called back when it shouldn't have been, and the agony of watching this massive opportunity for Poland slip through their fingers. Honestly, it's the best reality television around and, due to my good looks, I have the distinct honor of being here to watch it unfold.

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