11/19/2014 04:37 pm ET Updated Jan 19, 2015

3 Ways to Tap Into Your True Self

For me it's a dream come true moment. The Aspen Festival Orchestra and the exceptional Nikolai Lugansky are playing "Rachmanoff's Piano Concerto No. 3". But I'm not really listening because a stream of negative thoughts about a certain person have again taken center stage.

I get caught in its web, and I let it go. Seconds later it's back again. Everything I try fails although I consider myself somewhat of an expert in this practice. Hah! I can't get my monkey mind to shut up, and no matter what I do the case against her is building.

All I want is to tap into that peaceful place I came here to find. And then it comes to me that instead of trying to get rid my distracted self, I can just switch my attention to the music and allow it to come into me -- and it does. Immediately I'm in the present moment, enjoying every note fully, lifted by the beauty, and returned to my true self where I stay until the end of the concert.

And from that moment to this, my diatribe against this person has disappeared. All my meaningless chatter about her crimes have dissolved, and I've returned to my true and compassionate self -- and my unconditional love for her.

What do I mean by true self? Your heart, essence, Buddha nature, soul. Whatever you call it, it's that place within every one of us that never changes, no matter how old we get or how far we go astray. It's strong, clear, loving, compassionate, and naturally confident. It's the sun that shines whether the clouds block our view or not. I know you know what I mean.

Here are the 3 ways I currently use for tapping into my true self:

1. Be present. Do what I'm doing. Get out of my head, look at what's in front of me, and experience this moment. For example, going for a fast walk the other day I was lost in senseless thought. When I realized what was happening, I started looking at each foot as it hit the grass, and I was instantly happier.

2. Meditate and take quiet time for myself each day. Stay there long enough to remember who I am. And when this experience is over, do my best to take it into the rest of my day.

3. Take care of myself. I have now realized without a doubt that doing so is my number one job. And although it sounds incredibly selfish, I now understand that if I put myself first, I feel better and my passion to take care of others comes naturally and without obstacle or effort.

So these are mine, but I don't ask you to accept them for you. Ask yourself this question just as I've done:

What are the 3 best ways I can tap into my true self?

Trust your intuition. Have faith that your own answers will come from that self same place as mine did. Your true self, your heart.

Also write down your responses because that way you remember them. You've now tapped into your inner wisdom, which always leads to a path of greater peace and well-being.

That is what I want most for you.

How was this exercise for you? Please leave a comment below or write to me: I'd love to hear your thoughts about how to access your true self more often.

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