05/12/2015 02:15 pm ET Updated May 12, 2016

The Undeniable Blessings of This Moment -- and How to Spend More Time Here


Although the blessing of this moment is right here, too often we're not.

We have more important things to do, lost in our thoughts, feelings, perceptions, and worries while at the very same time rushing around trying to get it all done -- the urgent tasks, most of which we'll have forgotten by tomorrow.

As I said in last week's blog, waking up to this moment is difficult, but not impossible. It's worth the energy it takes because of the blessings it brings. Here are mine, along with what I'm learning about how to increase their presence in my life.

As you read about these blessings, rate your current experience of each one on a scale of 1 to 10, with 10 being the highest. Awareness brings its own reward.

Well-being and happiness

This one is first because for me it's the source of all the others. When I'm in this moment, I'm happier and much nicer to be around.

At this point in my life I'm spending more time meditating and writing while seeking to be a more positive and compassionate person. For so long I moved at top speed, measuring my success by how much I could get done, and the quicker the better. I'm finding it works better to slow down and do only that which I'm doing.

For example, if while I'm writing this blog I'm also worrying about whether you'll like it, the momentum slows and the wisdom disappears. I have to push the words out, rather than letting them flow naturally. When my focus is on being useful, it's easy.


When I'm in touch with who I am -- the true human in each of us -- everything is easier. When I worry about whether I'm getting it right or doing enough, my faith in myself is low and I procrastinate about things that matter most to me.

To get past these obstacles, I move. I put my hands on the keys, I pick up the phone, I write the email, I say what I have to say, or I do the kind thing whether I feel like it or not. As author John Burroughs put it,

Leap and the net will appear!

Whenever I throw myself into something I'm afraid of, my confidence soon returns, my attention shifts away from me, and in some way what I'm doing matters more.

Loving relationships

I'm so grateful to the people in my life and the blessing they are to me, even though sometimes the gifts come in the form of challenges. I've come to see that when relationships become painful, it's often because I'm lost in my head, making up stories to prove how it's all their fault, and completely unaware of what they're feeling.

Another chance to wake up! When I realize that my stories are not helpful (or true), I can switch my attention to supporting and loving them.

Good fortune

Any good fortune is good, but I'm talking about money. Waking up and paying attention to your money pays huge dividends. Check out the attitudes and stories you have about money and think about whether they're leading you in the direction of good fortune. At the same time get smart about keeping track of your money and being accountable for it.

The winning combination of being responsible for your money and developing positive thoughts about your finances is hard work, I know. But it works! To find out more, read my earlier blog, "Moving from Pain to Prosperity."

How present are these blessings in your life? Pick just one where you want to be more present.

Let me know about the blessings you've received from living in the present. Either leave a comment on this page or contact me directly

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