06/02/2015 11:23 am ET Updated May 30, 2016

What's the Best Gift You Get From Being Present?

Every time we're caught in our thoughts or feelings about something other than what's right in front of us, another moment is gone forever.

Seize every second of your life and savor it! -- Wayne Dyer

As much as I long to do just this, I often forget. In "8 Easy Tricks to Practice Being Present," I share how quickly I can get lost in the weeds -- one moment engrossed in something that matters, and the next it's gone girl! After it published, a friend sent her story that topped mine, so I had to share it with you.

When I saw your post on my phone, I thought what better time to remind myself to be present? So I stopped checking my email and opened your article.

Then I noticed the snag on my fingernail, so I got up to look for my nail clippers and finally had to involve my husband in the search. In the process I organized the piles I'd had dumped on the desk. I returned to my phone and saw that a client had asked for available dates later in the month. I went to my calendar to check, then to his email and responded. In doing so, I noticed some junk emails had appeared, so I cleaned them out, got on a roll, cleaning up the Inbox on my phone. I stopped doing that when I remembered something I had to do and went to make a note of it.

Okay, now I will read your article! I sat down with my phone, opened the article, and read it. It was so good, I decided to write you a note about how much it spoke to me. But wait, it would be easier to write it on my laptop, now that the desk is cleaned off. While I'm up, I think I'll get a cup of coffee...

Sound familiar? I laughed out loud, but this is how I let my life slip away unnoticed.

However, I've noticed that the more I'm seriously motivated to being present, the more time I spend here. So I figured if I knew my strongest motivation, that would work even better. I asked myself this question and I invite you to do the same.

What the best gift I get from being present?

While feeling calm, having more fun, smiling more, and doing much more of what I really care about are such blessings, the best gift I receive from being present is loving relationships.

  • When I'm being present and positive with Tim rather than finding one more thing to gripe about, I'm filled with love and our happiness grows.
  • When I put reaching out to people at the top of my list, rather than the bottom -- you know, after the article is written, I get caught up on my emails, return phone calls, and get the errands done -- I've made someone else happy, and I feel so much better.
  • When I call to check on someone I know is having a tough time, I've done something that matters more than just crossing off another task on my To Do list.
  • When I connect with a family member, rather than listen to my story about how they probably don't want to hear from me, I'm living in the present. And often these feelings turn out to be imaginary.

That's who I want to be -- not the most productive person on the planet, but a kinder more loving one. Who wants to be right about a negative story, when the alternative is loving relationships?

In the present I always know what matters most.

So, now it's your turn to answer the question, What is the best gift I get from being present? When you get out of your mind and into the heart of this moment, what is the best thing that happens to you.

Why do I ask? Because when you know the benefits and blessings that come from not getting lost in your movie, it's the best motivation for living right here, right now.

The point of power is always in the present moment.
-- Louise Hay

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