10/27/2014 04:20 pm ET Updated Dec 27, 2014

Amendment 2 Will Not Pass

This is not designed to persuade.

Its purpose is not to convince or inform. For the most organized, unbiased information on Amendment 2 in Florida click here and make up your own mind.

If you're for Amendment 2 the best thing you could do is vote and get everyone you know who is for it to vote. If you're against Amendment 2, the best thing you could do is vote and then sit back and relax because the way Amendment 2 is trending it will not pass in Florida and here are the reasons why.

Voter Apathy

There is a difference between polling an issue and getting people to the polls to vote for an issue. Many people are disengaged with politics; they're fed up with Washington gridlock and a political system unable to accomplish anything. This is not a presidential election cycle. If you want proof of voter apathy, look at Miami-Dade (the largest and most liberal county in Florida). Early voting wait times are at zero - 15 minutes. In the 2012 general election, it took us four to eight hours to vote early. Remember? Did the Department of Elections fix this problem, or is there voter apathy?

Look at the early voting numbers already in. They're massively low. And the less people that vote, the more beneficial it is for Republicans who favor voting "no" on Amendment 2 in Florida. Historically, this whole cycle points to the fact that...

The Midterms Don't Look Good for Democrats

When a two-term president faces the midterm election cycle of their second term there is historically a backlash against the incumbent and their party traditionally loses seats in Congress. In fact, in almost all midterm elections, the president's party faces a backlash. Mary Jordan of the Washington Post said it in 2010 and Politifact confirmed it as true: "The president's party always gets shellacked in midterms. It's only twice, 1934 and 2002 that the president's party actually gained in both the House and the Senate." This is a Republican year and again a majority of Republicans are NO on Amendment 2 in Florida. For example, just look at the fat cat donor...

Sheldon Adelson

The self-made billionaire casino magnet from Nevada donated four million dollars to opponents of Amendment 2 in Florida. That money was used in huge ad-spends promoting NO to Amendment 2 in Florida. Those ad-spends alone moved the poll numbers almost 20 points and now public sentiment has changed. Proponents of Amendment 2 in Florida still have some money in their coffers so it's not over yet, but now the chips are stacked against them. Why is Sheldon Adelson meddling with this issue? Does he want a gambling measure on next year's ballot? Is he trying to help Republican legislatures in Florida for gambling purposes? It is well-known he wants to build casinos here. Whatever Mr. Adelson's reason, the billionaire Republican from Nevada is ironically and annoyingly the individual with the most influence on this issue in Florida, especially if he gives more. Whatever the case...

Amending Our State Constitution Isn't Easy

Getting 60 percent of the vote on a Republican dominated issue in a purple state during an election cycle trending Republican is no easy task. And it doesn't help when...

Many in Florida Don't Want to Perpetuate a Negative Reputation

Florida is known as a fun-in-the-sun, corrupt, fly-by-night party destination. Without saying yes or no on this issue, because of this negative reputation, many don't want any amendment connected to drugs, medicinal or not, especially when there's a chance for fraud and abuse. Agree or not, it's just a fact. And it doesn't help when...

The Amendment's Wording Is Vague

Not looking to argue. Just do your homework. Read the whole amendment here.

Phrases like "caregiver" and "other conditions" are vague. A "caregiver" does not have to be a licensed physician. And "other conditions" could mean anything. Without saying yes or no on this issue, because of this vague wording, many undecided voters have recently moved from undecided to no on Amendment 2. Agree or not, it's just a fact. But that's life...

Timing Is Everything

Maybe those who are for this issue would be better served if it was on the ballot in a presidential election cycle, perhaps when there's a chance our first female president can win when voter turnout will be high. That's not to say this issue is dead.

Proponents insist their internal polls indicate they still have a chance at winning -- but again, there is a difference between polling an issue and getting people to the polls to vote for an issue, especially if most of those people are most likely stoners.