10/30/2014 12:48 pm ET Updated Dec 30, 2014

Binge Watching The Walking Dead Messed Up My Head


In the last seven days I've watched the first four seasons in their entirety. That's 51 episodes, plus the first 2 episodes of Season Five, so it's really 53 episodes in a week.

It translates to 7 ½ episodes of The Walking Dead per day.

Holy crap, that's a lot.

And I watched them on Netflix, without commercial interruption.

It was not my intention to do this. After that first scene with Rick and Shane sitting in the cop car just talking crap in a small Georgia town, I didn't think the show would hold my interest. I was wrong and now I'm paying for it. The show is just that good. The writing is just that good: the lack of humanity, the constant twists and turns, the chilling fact that no character is safe, the betrayals and manipulation of hope.

And what about the characters and their arcs, so fast to evolve.

It's no wonder this show is breaking records.

The special effects are amazing. The walkers appear spellbinding and are only getting better. The suspense is chilling. I've already had a figurative aneurysm, two metaphoric strokes and four very real panic attacks. I'm looking at my girlfriend differently. I'm looking at my dog with suspicion. I live in Downtown Miami, an up-and-coming area filled with many homeless. They look exactly like walkers.

This is the city where a man attacked another man by eating his face.

Are you familiar with the Miami Zombie?

Although watching The Walking Dead is 100% recommendable; binge watching The Walking Dead (on Netflix without commercials) is another level. It might require Klonopin. You might miss a day or two of work. You might need a vacation. Still, it's totally worth it. The old deadbeat writer Charles Bukowski (a literary walker himself) once said something like, "Life would be incredibly boring if you didn't go crazy every now and then."

This show is worth going crazy for, especially late in October.

Happy Halloween and keep your head up and eyes open.

There's no sanctuary.