07/10/2014 03:10 pm ET Updated Sep 09, 2014

Bron Bron's Process Not Helping Anyone Other Than the Media

Andy Lyons via Getty Images

Let's put this into perspective with one sentence:

If LeBron James stays in Miami, he will break Cleveland's heart once again and look like a complete tool in the process, BUT THEN AGAIN if he does go home his legacy will be that he chased championships and basically used us here in Miami WHILE throwing his homeboy DWade under the bus who opted out of a maximum salary NOT TO MENTION he'd be walking away from a modern dynasty FURTHERMORE Bron Bron will look absolutely silly returning to a team owned by Dan Gilbert who called him disloyal, cowardly and narcissistic, MEANWHILE everyone (the league, free agents, fans) are waiting with bated breath while ESPN is collecting millions of clicks AND the champion Spurs are quietly laughing down in Texas AND Bron Bron, whether he cares, does look like an ego maniac and THE IRONY of all of this is that LeBron tried so hard to calculate his plans, lay low, not make the same mistakes from four years ago; he wanted to leave it up to his agent, his "team," all friends he grew up with in Ohio, friends he turned into millionaires, FRIENDS who leaked this Cleveland story to feed the frenzy of sports media AND IN THE END it's just silly how this turned into a clown show and his "people" don't appear to be the brightest gems in the jewelry shop, but, this is basketball after all.